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OPSB postpones adjudicatory hearing for proposed Lake Erie wind farm

The OPSB postponed the adjudicatory hearing in response to a request from its staff to suspend the procedural schedule in this case to allow additional time to obtain more information from Icebreaker Windpower on the pre- and post-construction radar technology monitoring protocol selected for use at the project site for determining project impacts. 
26 Oct 2017

Bird Conservation Groups Win Fight Against Great Lakes Wind Project

The victory sets an especially important precedent because many other wind energy projects are currently being planned around the Great Lakes, which could threaten the future of millions of migratory birds and bats. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has recommended that no turbines be built within 3 miles of the Great Lakes shoreline. 
29 Jun 2017

Does Cleveland's proposed Lake Erie wind farm pose a danger to migrating birds and bats? Naturalists, developers disagree

Black Swamp Executive Director Kim Kaufman and ABC's Michael Hutchins, director of the conservancy's Bird-Smart Wind Energy Campaign, said they support clean, renewable sources of energy such as wind power. But they maintain that "the Great Lakes are not a good place for large-scale, commercial wind energy projects," particularly in a region designated as a Globally Important Bird Area.
10 Nov 2016

Wind farm sues to block bird death data release

The legal dispute was generated by an Ottawa County birding organization, the Black Swamp Bird Observatory in Oak Harbor, which contends that bird death data held by both federal and state agencies is public information. Blue Creek Wind Farm LLC, which operates a wind farm in Van Wert and Paulding counties in Ohio and Allen County, Indiana, says releasing its bird and bat kill reports would provide "trade secrets" to its competitors.
25 Jun 2016

Wind turbine sought at Camp Perry

Kimberly Kaufman, Black Swamp Bird Observatory executive director, told The Blade she learned about the decision during a recent meeting with Camp Perry leadership. She said her group will once again seek legal help from a national advocacy group, the American Bird Conservancy, to block the project.
21 Mar 2016

Wind energy industry protests bird-kill fine

Ohio’s wind energy industry is balking at a largely ignored provision of a massive environmental bill overwhelmingly approved in the House this week, arguing it is designed to throw one more wrench into its turbines. ...The language would allow the state Department of Natural Resources to impose additional fees on wind farms based on the killing and injury, or “take,” of wild animals.
22 Nov 2014

Ohio wind turbine shutdown raises issue of migratory bird safety

American Bird Conservancy and the Black Swamp Bird Observatory sent a letter of intent to sue to the Ohio National Guard, claiming the project violated federal laws protecting the birds ...A letter from the National Guard Bureau to the bird groups’ lawyer said that after receiving the letter of intent, the National Guard withdrew its Finding of No Significant Impact for the site. The letter said the bureau would review its environmental assessment of the project.
4 Mar 2014

National Guard scraps Ohio turbine project after enviros threaten lawsuit

The Washington, D.C.-based public interest law firm Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal earlier this month sent a notice of intent to sue the Ohio Air National Guard, challenging the results of an environmental assessment of the project and a subsequent finding of no significant impact (FONSI) released in August that cleared the way for the turbine to be built. The two groups say the Air National Guard skirted federal laws, including the Endangered Species Act, by not properly analyzing the impacts on a host of sensitive avian species.
30 Jan 2014

Bird conservation groups move to block Lake Erie wind turbine project at Camp Perry

Ohio’s Black Swamp Bird Observatory and the American Bird Conservancy, a leading national organization, accused the National Guard of circumventing the environmental review process and of violating the federal Endangered Species Act. The Black Swamp group has long opposed the wind turbine plan, maintaining it would threaten millions of birds and bats that pass over the lake during the spring and fall migrations.
8 Jan 2014

Ruffled feathers; Wind turbine plans agitate birders.

But plans for wind turbines at Camp Perry and the Lake Erie Business Park that will stand in the path of important bird migration areas in Ottawa County alarm birders who say the turbines are likely to kill many birds. They’ve erected a billboard on Ohio 2 near the planned wind turbine sites to display their concern.
14 Dec 2013

Wind turbine site ruffles area avian enthusiasts; Dangers to migratory birds are cited

A "pre­pon­der­ance of ev­i­dence" shows the pro­posed Camp Perry site is the wrong place to put a wind tur­bine. Ms. Kauf­man has been work­ing to gather op­po­si­tion from other groups and plans to send a let­ter to­day pro­test­ing the proj­ect to the 200th Red Horse squad­ron of the Ohio Air Na­tional Guard. "It's just as­tound­ing that they are still con­sid­er­ing it."
15 Oct 2012

Birders look for allies to fight wind turbines

Birders said Tuesday they are seeking people from all walks of life who share their concerns about the proper siting of wind turbines in the ecologically fragile western Lake Erie region. ...the group will be stepping up its campaign for a three-mile buffer zone along the shoreline in Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, and Erie counties.
19 Jan 2011

Bird observatory evaluates wind turbines

"Our study data suggest that $20 million was spent in this area during the months of April and May, and, in addition to concerns about large-scale mortality of birds and bats, the potential loss of significant birding-based tourism dollars must be considered as well." The Black Swamp Bird Observatory is calling for a three-year moratorium on any additional wind turbines within three miles of the Lake Erie shore.
6 Dec 2010
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