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Sneaking Ohio out of 'green energy' church

Without government to subsidize green energy enough to make it competitive -- or, in the case of states with renewable portfolio standards, to make green energy a requirement, whether it's competitive or not -- there would be no market for it. ...Just ask the guys at Solyndra. They'll take the Fifth Amendment, but that doesn't stop you from asking.
6 Oct 2011

Green-power pushback

Three years after legislators voted nearly unanimously to require Ohio's power companies to meet new green-energy standards, at least a few Republicans say it's time to repeal the rules to save jobs and avoid higher electricity costs. Environmental groups are sharply criticizing the plan.
9 Sep 2011

Utility accused of taking wind out of turbines

"Ohio law and public policy encourage consumer-produced power through renewable resources such as wind and solar," said Consumer's Counsel Janine Migden-Ostrander. "According to several consumers and supporting documents, the utility has erected obstacles that fail to comply with the law." One of those obstacles has been requiring the customer to purchase a new meter.
17 Aug 2010

Senate bill could lead to wind farm

Putnam County Commissioners are currently looking at possibly approving tax abatements for a renewable energy corporation in Van Buren Township after Governor Ted Strickland signed Senate Bill 232 Thursday evening. Putnam County Commissioners have 30 days since the signing to confirm the new tax structure.
23 Jun 2010

State wants to see windmills built along Lake Erie shore

Ohio officials outlined plans this week to put Lake Erie, the shallowest of the Great Lakes, at the forefront of offshore wind-power development. Gov. Ted Strickland and U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown joined industry and education leaders to detail tax-cut and regulatory measures to jump-start wind-power development on Lake Erie. The lake's comparative shallowness is seen as an advantage for erecting towers to produce wind power.
3 Apr 2010

Sen. Sherrod Brown steps into controversy over wind turbine jobs, China

Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is seeing red because a green energy grant program that funds new wind turbines doesn't require their construction with American parts. He wants to suspend the program until Congress imposes "Buy American" restrictions. Brown's stance puts him at odds not only with the Obama administration, but with his friend and political ally, Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, who backs domestic wind turbine manufacturing but doesn't want to ignore the hundreds of Ohio jobs that could be created by building and operating wind farms.
5 Mar 2010

Adams, Faber and local officials contest Strickland's plans to "erase" turbine taxes

While Ohio Governor Ted Strickland touted elimination of tangible personal property taxes for wind and solar companies Tuesday, that prospect didn't sit well with representatives of the entities that stand to lose up to $1.4 million in first-year tax revenue if the Buckeye Wind project gains approval to construct 70 turbines in Champaign County from the Ohio Power Siting Board this year.
1 Feb 2010

State leads Champaign County down road to nowhere

Testimony from Ohio Power Siting Board staffer Stuart Siegfried on Wednesday in Columbus left no doubt that Champaign County is a lost little dog in the state's fledgling process to begin certifying industrial scale wind utilities in Ohio. Siegfried showed a disturbing lack of understanding of OPSB's own process with regard to determining whether to certify Buckeye Wind's application to site 70 wind turbines of up to 492 feet in height on Champaign County's east side.
20 Nov 2009

Light bulb program has some customers seeing red

A plan by a Midwest utility to distribute energy-efficient light bulbs to customers backfired when it was learned that the recipients would not only have to pay for the bulbs, but also pay the utility for the electricity they wouldn't be using. Ohio's governor sent a letter to regulators who pulled the plug on the program for now, or at least on the charges that caught consumers off guard.
8 Oct 2009

Ohio lags behind in wind power

Ohio lags far behind the rest of the Midwest -- and most of the country -- in wind power use. ...So why does Ohio have one wind farm -- the four turbines at the Wood County Landfill in Bowling Green -- instead of windmills all over the northern part of the state? "In the past, other states have offered better incentives," said Joe Woods, managing director of North Coast Wind and Power LLC in Port Clinton.
4 Jul 2009

Lake County Landfill to be tested for wind energy use

An Erie, Pa.-based energy company wants to determine whether its feasible to develop a wind farm on property at the Lake County Landfill in Painesville Township. Lake County commissioners have approved an agreement with Lake County Winds, LLC, a subsidiary of BQ Energy, that allows the company to conduct a study to see if the land would be conducive for wind energy.
6 Apr 2009
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