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Residents oppose Black Fork Wind farm project

Many area Crestline residents are opposed to the construction of the Black Fork Wind Farm to be built in Crawford and Richland Counties. Concerned residents gathered Thursday night at the Crestline Public Library to discuss their concerns and the negative impact of wind farms in rural communities.
2 Oct 2009

Learn more about local wind turbine project

There is a large wind turbine project called Black Fork Wind Farm that consists of 112 turbines 400 feet tall with three 100-foot blades to be placed in an area bounded by the west edge of Shelby on the east, Hazelbrush Road to the north, Hook Road to the south towards Crestline and extending on the west past Tiro towards New Washington. This is a beautiful rural area including Shelby Airport and a KOA campground that will be transformed into an industrial installation.
12 Jul 2009

Wind farm plan spurs questions

A number of Crawford and Richland County residents have reservations about wind turbines popping up in their farmlands. John Warrington, of Vernon Township, and Brett Heffner, of Jackson Township, conducted a community meeting outside the Vernon Township building Tuesday. More than 40 residents attended to listen to information about the proposed Phase 1 Black Fork Wind Farm project.
9 Jul 2009

Plans for fairgrounds wind turbine spark controversy

Plans for a new wind turbine at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds could blow the winds of controversy in Middleburg Heights. ..."In this case it would be a height regulation. This area is zoned public facility so there is a 50-foot height requirement and they are looking for an additional 200 feet," he said. At 250 feet, the turbine will stand 100 feet taller than the one at the science center, an issue for some residents and businesses in Middleburg Heights. The mayor is holding a public meeting where people can ask questions about the plan.
8 Sep 2008

New wind turbine report lacks data, critics say

A report released by the Ohio Department of Health this week does not go far enough in investigating and analyzing the potential health impacts of wind turbines on nearby residents, according to some local residents and an acoustical consultant familiar with the local effort to develop wind turbines. ...Residents who believe more study needs to be done before construction begins on wind turbines cite the research of several people - including Nina Pierpont, a medical doctor who is conducting scientific noise and health studies, and acoustical consultants like Rick James of Okemos, Mich., who have done studies at several existing wind farms and proposed sites. "The report is merely a report on the readily available information," Monroe Township resident Mary Ann Hartzler said. "The studies reported were not performed by medical doctors. ...Mr. [Richard] James said he sees the report as an attempt to make residents feel better about a foregone conclusion that wind turbines will be better in the state. "They (state officials) wanted wind farms and they were going to put out documents to support it," he said. "I don't see any real effort on the part of the people to put together an authoritative report."
26 Apr 2008

Engineer discusses noise generated by wind turbines

Champaign County residents and leaders learned Wednesday that noise could be caused by wind turbines proposed to be built for wind energy development in the county. ...Speaker Richard James, a noise control engineer from E-Coustic Solutions, was brought by group member Diane McConnell of Union Neighbors United - a group of Union Twp. residents concerned about local zoning decisions regarding wind energy development. James presented information he had found in studies done by other sources.
7 Feb 2008

Wind power tangled up in red tape; Residents trying to 'go green'

Inconsistency with regulating wind turbines doesn't end with zoning. The county Building Department requires construction plans certified by an Ohio engineer before it issues a permit; Canton doesn't. The county's requirement could add another $5,000 in expenses because most wind turbines are shipped from outside Ohio or the country and do not contain plans certified by an Ohio engineer. "I don't want to stop anybody from building what they want, but it's my obligation under law to enforce the requirements of the code," said Stark Building Official Ed Stetz. He said wind turbines exceed residential standards so they must be regulated by the Ohio commercial building codes that require a professional designer's seal.
16 Dec 2007

$3M awarded to local wind energy project

Wind energy projects headed for Champaign and Logan counties will get up to $3 million in grant awards to move forward with production, Gov. Ted Strickland announced Thursday. ...Diane McConnell, a Union Township resident and member of Union Neighbors United .. said the lack of information that affected residents have received is her biggest worry.
31 Aug 2007
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