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Ohio business groups at odds on ‘green’ energy bill

The measure would create a series of exceptions to the state’s energy-efficiency standards and remove a requirement that utilities purchase half of their renewable energy from in-state sources. It would do so by changing provisions of a 2008 law that says electric utilities have to meet an escalating series of benchmarks for energy efficiency and renewable energy.
11 Nov 2013

Ohio green energy and efficiency mandates not needed, conservative lawmakers say

[Senator] Seitz believes the economics that convinced lawmakers to approve the legislation five years ago have proved incorrect. Seitz argued that shale gas has not only lowered the cost of electricity but also has persuaded utilities not to build any more coal-fired power plants, which would require costly emission controls. He also noted that demand has not increased as most predicted. "In short the assumptions upon which Senate Bill 221 (the 2008 law) were based have all turned out to be false," he wrote, "and it would be the height of foolishness to fail to account for these changed circumstances."
9 Oct 2013

Wind backers worried about state rule change; Lawmaker says ‘cry me a river’ to those questioning proposed bill

Much of the opposition to the legislation is from developers who are essentially receiving a subsidy because of the requirement to produce much of that energy in Ohio, Seitz said. He argued his proposal would help the environment but create more competition to produce that energy. “Cry me a river,” Seitz said of critics. “Is it about being green or making people money?”
6 Oct 2013

Energy bill to trim buy-Ohio provision

Mr. Seitz noted that the U.S. Supreme Court struck down, as a violation of the Constitution’s interstate commerce clause, a provision in Oklahoma that had a buy-Oklahoma provision for coal. A federal appeals-court ruling also has shed doubt on an in-state mandate included in Michigan’s renewable-energy standards. So far, Ohio’s standard has not been legally challenged. Ohio Environmental Council spokesman Jack Shaner said the proposed changes would send the wrong message to wind turbine and solar panel manufacturers that their market here is not as assured.
25 Sep 2013

Velocity rises in wind-power debate

Ohio Sen. Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati, is about to release a wide-ranging energy proposal altering renewable-energy requirements. He hopes the General Assembly will pass the bill this year. ...If there is no requirement that utilities buy from within the state, then developers might pull back on projects that are in the planning stages, said a lobbyist for the group.
25 Sep 2013

Lawmakers push to overhaul Ohio's energy standards

Sen. Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati, said he hopes to introduce a bill overhauling the 2008 law as soon as the end of the month. "It behooves any wise person to check in. No one I know of stays with an 18-year plan and doesn't make suitable changes to the plan when market conditions change."
7 May 2013

Change may hurt $250M wind project

When the state's renewable energy mandate was enacted five years ago, both demand and prices for electricity were expected to rise, said Ohio Sen. Bill Seitz, chairman of the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee that is holding hearings this month on the state's renewable energy requirement. But since then, large deposits of natural gas in shale have kept energy prices down, Seitz said, and the additional demand hasn't materialized.
9 Apr 2013

Ohio Senate re-examines feasibility of ‘green' law

Ohio's benchmarks for renewable energy and energy efficiency are getting a five-year checkup that some defenders fear will turn into an amputation. An Ohio Senate panel began hearings last week to examine the rules and figure out whether there is a way to address some businesses' concerns that the mandates are too costly.
17 Mar 2013

Ohio state Sen. Troy Balderson wants review of energy law

FirstEnergy, the publicly traded utility based in Akron, pushed lawmakers at the end of 2012 to freeze energy efficiency standards, according to The Columbus Dispatch. The company previously has argued that mandates on utilities increase costs for consumers. Environmental groups and green-energy proponents don't like talk of tinkering with the standards.
8 Mar 2013

Sneaking Ohio out of 'green energy' church

Without government to subsidize green energy enough to make it competitive -- or, in the case of states with renewable portfolio standards, to make green energy a requirement, whether it's competitive or not -- there would be no market for it. ...Just ask the guys at Solyndra. They'll take the Fifth Amendment, but that doesn't stop you from asking.
6 Oct 2011

Green-power pushback

Three years after legislators voted nearly unanimously to require Ohio's power companies to meet new green-energy standards, at least a few Republicans say it's time to repeal the rules to save jobs and avoid higher electricity costs. Environmental groups are sharply criticizing the plan.
9 Sep 2011
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