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Wind-farm operator upset with energy law

Julie Johnson, whose rural Urbana property is in the footprint of an approved 110-turbine EverPower project in Champaign County, said she has heard that all before. The green-energy sky, she says, is not falling. “It’s always something with those people,” she said of the wind-energy companies. “If they don’t get their way, they say they’re done. And then they don’t go away. That’s why we’ve been so dogged on this every step of the way.”
15 Jun 2014

If Ohio eases green-energy rules, will it spark national trend?

Sen. Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati, described complaints linking the easing of Ohio’s green-energy standards to the American Legislative Exchange Council, a national conservative group, as “ridiculous.” ...The fact that so many states are exploring changes to their rules is a sign that the rules are flawed, said Mike O’Neal, president and CEO of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.
20 May 2014

Ohio GOP bill to freeze efficiency and green energy rules racing toward Gov. John Kasich's desk

The committee heard well over a dozen groups and individuals in favor of the freeze. Some of those speaking made it clear they just do not want wind turbine farms near them. Others, including the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business, testified that the law as it now stands is costing ratepayers too much money.
14 May 2014

Energy bill could slow demand for wind power

The new bill would freeze Ohio’s alternative energy requirements at current levels, and create a legislative panel to determine whether any changes are needed. If no changes are made, the current rules would resume in 2017. Ohio’s senate approved the bill last week, and it now heads to the House.
14 May 2014

Ohio Senate votes to halt state energy efficiency rules, wind and solar development

"Our caucus has worked tirelessly over the last several years to reduce government mandates so we can maintain an environment that promotes job growth and preserves existing jobs in Ohio. While well-intentioned, Senate Bill 221 (approved in 2008) created many mandates that will leave consumers paying these increasing costs unless properly reviewed and updated."
8 May 2014

Ohio's efficiency and renewable standards would be kept in compromise

A compromise emerged Monday in the standoff between Gov. John Kasich and Ohio Senate Republicans over energy efficiency and renewable energy rules. Led by Sen. Frank LaRose of Copley Township, a moderate Republican, and with the support of at least three other Republican senators, the proposal would soften the impact on monthly bills for energy efficiency and renewable power.
6 May 2014

Kasich urges changes in ‘green energy’ bill

Faber said the bill already had been destined to undergo changes before it is passed out of committee and the Senate. “We need to understand how (Kasich’s) changes would work,” Faber said. He said Kasich’s concerns are rooted “more in the application of the freeze than anything,” but he noted that he had not reviewed Kasich’s specific policy suggestions.
3 May 2014

Ohio bill would cut green-energy requirement

“Because of this uncertainty and the changing economic and energy landscapes since the enactment of [the 2008 energy law], it is essential that we act to protect all Ohioans’ electricity bills from continuing to rise, and therefore, maintain the status quo while we carefully review the best way to move forward,” Mr. Balderson said.
3 Apr 2014

Landowners against wind farms question energy rules, standards

Ohio Sen. Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati Republican, has long tried to cut the in-state requirement. Ohio Sen. Kris Jordan, a Delaware County Republican, wants to repeal the renewables mandate altogether. ...Seitz said the country’s recession reduced the need for additional energy production and Ohio’s natural-gas boom has weakened the need for wind power. “We should be able to buy power from wherever it is cheapest,” he said. “There shouldn’t be a protected bucket for Ohio wind developers.”
24 Mar 2014

State GOP may freeze ‘green’ standards

Get ready to hear a lot about hitting the “pause button” on the state’s benchmarks for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Ohio Senate Republicans are putting together a plan that would freeze the annual targets at current levels while a special panel studies the issue.
23 Mar 2014

Ohio Senate may be nearing repeal of “green” energy mandates

In an interview with Media Trackers, Sen. Jordan expressed his belief that SB 34 was gaining traction in the legislature. “My bill is much more simple, and it just lets customers pick the winners and losers in our economy, as opposed to a bunch of know-it-all politicians,” he said, adding, “You rip the Band-Aid off, you stop the problem, which is that these renewables necessarily drive the cost up for all consumers.”
24 Jan 2014
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