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Local wind turbine rules still being sought in Champaign County

Union Twp. may not have much control over the industrial-scale wind turbines that would dot the landscape if a proposal by Everpower Renewables is approved by state officials this year. But local officials are planning to meet this week to discuss some basic guidelines for smaller, residential turbines in the township.
14 Feb 2010

Proposal could bring 70 wind turbines to area

proposal to build 70 wind turbines in Champaign County moved forward this week, as attorneys representing several entities made their final arguments concerning the Buckeye Wind Project. The briefs filed Monday, Feb. 1, included arguments from several entities involved in the case.
3 Feb 2010

Adams, Faber and local officials contest Strickland's plans to "erase" turbine taxes

While Ohio Governor Ted Strickland touted elimination of tangible personal property taxes for wind and solar companies Tuesday, that prospect didn't sit well with representatives of the entities that stand to lose up to $1.4 million in first-year tax revenue if the Buckeye Wind project gains approval to construct 70 turbines in Champaign County from the Ohio Power Siting Board this year.
1 Feb 2010

Feds reviewing Buckeye Wind plans

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is gathering information for a review under the National Environmental Policy Act of the proposed Buckeye Wind power project in Champaign County, Ohio, and of a proposed Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) developed by EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc., to "conserve" the endangered Indiana bat.
1 Feb 2010

Middleburg Heights council continues to question fairground wind turbine

City Council continues to ask questions about the proposed wind turbine at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. It was expected to vote Tuesday to accept the proposal of CBLH Design, Inc. to provide a visual analysis of the application of the Cuyahoga County Commissioners and the fair board for the 280-foot turbine, slated for the parking lot off Bagley Road. The study will cost $5,600 and take five to six weeks to complete.
29 Jan 2010

Initial briefs filed in wind turbine case

Initial briefs were filed this week as attorneys from several entities made their arguments on a proposed wind project that may eventually dot Champaign County with wind turbines. Initial arguments were filed Wednesday, Jan. 20, in the case which is being reviewed by the Ohio Power Siting Board.
21 Jan 2010

Damage to roads worries county

Trucks carrying 400 to 600 tons will be rolling through northwest Richland County this summer to facilitate the construction of wind turbines. Commissioners took steps Tuesday to be paid for any residual road damage. The heavy loads, including a 600-ton crane, must be hauled over asphalt streets that are graded for less than a 10th of that weight.
13 Jan 2010

Air of hope whirls in

The state is aggressively pursuing wind as a new source of energy, jobs and economic development. Wind developers, including some from Europe, have big plans for Ohio - on land and in Lake Erie. Six sprawling, large-scale wind farms with up to 436 towering turbines - and a price tag in excess of $2 billion - are proposed across western Ohio.
10 Jan 2010

Bowling Green examines expansion of wind power; Utility plans 6 turbines in Wood County

Bowling Green, which led Ohio's foray into wind power in the fall of 2003, is in line for as many as six more commercial-sized turbines to generate electricity from area breezes. Under a plan being considered tonight by Bowling Green's Board of Public Utilities, AMP-Ohio would install six more wind turbines in Wood County. That, in addition to the four that have been in operation at the county landfill.
14 Dec 2009

Protesters rally against Champaign County wind turbines

They took to the sidewalks of downtown Urbana Saturday, Dec. 5, to protest the Buckeye Wind Project, a plan by the New York company Everpower to harness the county's wind for electricity. If approved, it would be the first large-scale wind site in Ohio. Holding signs that declared "No wind turbines," a handful of concerned residents on Saturday had a number of reasons for their opposition.
5 Dec 2009

Turbines' fate rests with state board

A proposed plan to install about 70 wind turbines throughout Champaign County has drawn serious debate. However, the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) will have plenty of options when making its final decision. ...The board could approve or reject the project as a whole. But it can also approve some proposed turbines while preventing others from being built.
5 Dec 2009

Testimony continues

The adjudicatory hearing on the Buckeye Wind application before administrative law judges for the Ohio Power Siting Board resumed Tuesday with rebuttal testimony from David Hessler, the acoustic engineer the company hired to model noise projections and measure background sound data. ..."You stated ... that there will always be some complaints that the project is audible at all," Napier said. "Correct," Hessler said. "Is it fair to say you believe this project will be audible at some times?" Napier asked. "Yes, most definitely," he said.
2 Dec 2009

Officials to discuss future of wind energy in Lorain County

Lorain County officials will learn more about the future of alternative energy in northern Ohio. The Lorain County Growth Partnership today will host leaders of the Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force to explain a study that examined the feasibility of using offshore wind turbines. The task force also plans to install a 20-megawatt wind turbine in Lake Erie.
1 Dec 2009

Proposed wind farms have a negative side, too

We must all become informed about life with wind turbines. In phase one, the Black Fork Wind Farm will have 112 wind turbines that are more than 400-feet tall with 159-foot blades and red strobe lights that blink on and off all night long. The wind turbines, at times, may create upward to 70 decibels of noise. The EPA says 45 decibels disturbs sleep.
22 Nov 2009

Hearing for turbine project to continue

After two weeks of testimony, the proposed Buckeye Wind Project crept closer to a decision by the Ohio Power Siting Board this week. But the project is still likely a long way from approval. If approved, the project would allow Everpower Renewables to build about 70 wind turbines in a section of Champaign County that spans about 9,000 acres and six townships. ...Although testimony spanned about two weeks, a spokesman for the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio said it could still be months before a final conclusion is reached in the case.
21 Nov 2009

Hearings on proposed wind turbine project in Champaign County nearing end

In what could be the final day of hearings on a proposed plan to install 70 wind turbines in Champaign County, a state employee was questioned about a report he prepared for the Buckeye Wind Project. Champaign County Prosecutor Nick Selvaggio and Gil Weithman, city of Urbana law director, on Friday, Nov. 20, asked Nick Doss about methods he used to develop sections of a staff report concerning aviation and decommissioning of the Buckeye Wind Project.
20 Nov 2009

State leads Champaign County down road to nowhere

Testimony from Ohio Power Siting Board staffer Stuart Siegfried on Wednesday in Columbus left no doubt that Champaign County is a lost little dog in the state's fledgling process to begin certifying industrial scale wind utilities in Ohio. Siegfried showed a disturbing lack of understanding of OPSB's own process with regard to determining whether to certify Buckeye Wind's application to site 70 wind turbines of up to 492 feet in height on Champaign County's east side.
20 Nov 2009
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