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Spokeswoman: Babcock & Brown's portfolio purchase good for Logan County

Riverstone, which has the world's largest renewable energy private equity fund, is committing $400 million to expand and support the new group's business. Beth O'Brien, spokeswoman for Pattern Energy, said that the purchase is a positive for efforts to bring wind turbines to Logan County. "All of it is great. It just means that we're infused with capital and we're really excited about it," she said.
29 Jun 2009

Zoners find room for home turbines

Several Fairfield County townships are updating their zoning codes to regulate windmills ...A change in state law last year gave the Ohio Power Siting Board authority to approve large projects generating five megawatts of power or more. It also gave local zoning boards the responsibility to regulate small wind turbines producing fewer than five megawatts.
29 Jun 2009

North Royalton looks at wind turbine regulations

Solar energy is much easier to determine. Solar isolation maps have been available for years. And solar is far less site-specific than wind. Scheutzow told committee members that the state offers grants for green energy, but it has stipulations. The system must prove it will be effective, efficient and installed by a certified contractor, of which Ohio's Department of Development has a list.
19 Jun 2009

Ohio can ride wind trend

Does your company have anything to do with gears, bearings, brackets and couplings? Lubricating oil, epoxies or coatings? Generators, electronic parts, hydraulic pumps? Rebar and concrete? Casting, fabricating, machining? If so, the Ohio wind industry may need you.
8 Jun 2009

Crawford-Richland wind-farm project gains support

Richland and Crawford County officials voiced concerns but offered support for a future wind farm during ...Hettich gave a presentation on the specifics of installing as many as 112 Vestas 1.8 megawatt wind turbines across Richland and Crawford Counties starting in the second half of 2010. The turbines would be located at various sites encompassing about 46,000 acres of land across the county's borderline.
28 May 2009

Wind-power industry threatened by Ohio's tax structure

Ohio's tax structure could blow holes in the state's plan to become a major wind energy center, a national wind trade group says. In a letter to Gov. Ted Strickland, the American Wind Energy Association argues that Ohio's tangible personal property tax on electric utilities could drive wind developers to neighboring states. Other Ohio businesses no longer pay tangible personal property taxes, which are imposed on a utility's equipment, such as generators and wires.
22 May 2009

Activist plugging wind farm - will there be interest?

The speaker is set, the invitations are out. Now all Paul Hunter wants to know is, will the landowners show up? "There's a lot of potential," said Hunter, for a wind farm (in the sense of "farming" the wind) to be built in the eastern portion of Clinton County. The wind blows strong enough there for turbines to be commercially viable, he says.
12 May 2009

Mitigating windmills' threat to birds

The report downplays the dangers the windmills would pose to migrating songbirds, citing radar and studies that indicate nocturnal migration occurs mostly at altitudes above the height of wind turbines, thus fatality rates of migrating songbirds would be negligible. That would be wonderful, if true.
11 May 2009

Wind energy: It's a boondoggle

The experts say electricity produced by lake-based wind turbines would cost three times more than that produced by land turbines, and nearly eight times more than electricity from existing coal-fired plants. But Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason says we have a lot to lose if we don't make the big bet. Just what would that be?
11 May 2009

Everpower Wind Holdings of New York plans Ohio's first big wind farm west of Columbus

Everpower Wind Holdings Inc. of New York has asked the Ohio Power Siting Board for permits to construct 70 wind turbines in Champaign County, west of Columbus. Michael Speerschneider, Everpower's project development director, said the company has leases on 10,000 acres in order to expand and is seeking permission to flow up to 200 megawatts from the wind farm.
7 May 2009

Report: Lake Erie turbines costly but feasible

Energy researchers say the winds blowing across Lake Erie can power wind turbines, but the project won't be cheap. A study released Friday showed it will cost $77 million to $92 million to build several turbines and a nearby wind research center to be run by Case Western Reserve University. Earlier estimates had put the price tag at about $60 million.
2 May 2009

Council discusses turbine restrictions

After reviewing model ordinances on wind turbine zoning from Wisconsin and Sandusky, Clyde city council members agreed that the city will need to be restrictive when they draw up their ordinance. Clyde City Manager Dan Weaver suggested council members make a motion at the next meeting to prepare an ordinance for the city planning commission to review.
29 Apr 2009

Everpower to apply for wind project

Everpower Renewables is expected to proceed with a project that would build numerous wind turbines in the eastern part of Champaign County. ...The project, which has been in the stages since 2006, would include building more than 70 turbines across 6 townships in Champaign County, Speerschneider said. He said it would take about a year for the application to be reviewed by the state.
24 Apr 2009

City is wise to consider wind turbine regulation

But wind energy is an industry just the same, and it's wise to regulate it like any other. That's why the city of Cleveland was smart this week to consider a new zoning ordinance sponsored by City Councilmen Matt Zone and Joe Cimperman, which is aimed at regulating the size, location and appearance of land-based turbines. Not everyone loves Big Wind.
18 Apr 2009

New blades for wind turbines

New blades will be installed on four turbines that were shut down temporarily at two locations in the area. A crew yesterday replaced the blades on the wind turbine at Turtle Plastics in Lorain. New blades also will be placed on three turbines at Perkins High School in Perkins Township. The four turbines were built by the same company and were shut down to ensure safety after the blades broke off a turbine at Perkins High School.
18 Apr 2009

Officials mull wind-turbine regulations, applications

Northwood officials are mulling zoning regulations and an application process for wind turbines as more of the green-energy devices pop up on the east side. Under recommendations from the Northwood Planning Commission ...private wind turbines within city limits could not be taller than 40 feet from ground to blade tip.
15 Apr 2009

Lake Erie wind turbine regulations still in works

Sekulic has a vision to put wind turbines in the lake. He already received the support from Lorain City Council and the Lorain Port Authority. But the ODNR is still developing a draft set of rules for the submerged land leases that would be necessary for wind energy operations in the lake, Watkins said.
14 Apr 2009
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