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Middleburg Heights Council votes down wind turbine at Cuyahoga County fairgrounds

If he had to, Councilman-at-large Ray Guttmann was prepared to be the lone knight, tilting at wind turbines. As it turned out, he wasn't alone. The majority of City Council was on his side. On Tuesday, council voted 5 - 1 against allowing the 280-foot turbine that the Cuyahoga County fair board hoped to erect near its main parking lot off Bagley and Eastman roads.
24 Mar 2010

Champaign residents react to turbine decision

Champaign County Residents reacted Tuesday to the approval of wind turbine construction in their community. Roger Yocom said it's a good day for he and his fellow farmers looking for wind power to supplement their incomes. ...Other residents were disappointed by the decision. Rick Radenmacher is a pilot.
23 Mar 2010

Wind energy projects approved for county

On Monday afternoon, the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) approved two agreements that will forever change the landscape of Hardin County by allowing two wind energy developers to construct up to 227 wind turbines in the county. A total of 348 megawatts of power may be generated from the turbine construction, which will is projected to begin later this year.
23 Mar 2010

Wind farm researches ways to cut bat deaths

The whirling turbine blades at a wind farm planned in Champaign County would almost certainly kill endangered Indiana bats. The developer, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources all agree on that. They'll spend the next several months figuring out how to reduce the number of bats killed and working out just how many deaths are acceptable.
22 Mar 2010

Decision on wind farm expected today in Columbus

The state's decision on the proposed Buckeye Wind farm, which is planned to include 70 utility-scale wind turbines that could stand nearly 500 feet tall from base to upright blade tip, is slated for consideration at the Ohio Power Siting Board's March meeting this afternoon.
22 Mar 2010

State OKs 50 wind turbines for Champaign County

The 11-member board voted unanimously to approve a proposal for the Buckeye Wind Project, which will be one of the first utility-scale wind projects in the state. The project, developed by Everpower Wind Holdings Inc., will build more than 50 wind turbines in Goshen, Rush, Salem, Union, Urbana and Wayne townships.
22 Mar 2010

Faulty parts continue to plague Conneaut turbine

Kent Houston, Conneaut Area City Schools' superintendent, said he recently spoke with NexGen Energy, the Colorado company that built the 600 kW generator earlier this year, for a status update. A part has kept the mammoth machine from cranking out power at levels it was designed to reach, Houston said.
20 Mar 2010

Iberdrola confirms interest in Hancock Co.

A company that may build wind turbines in Hancock County's Cass Township says it would be three to five years before any "good, clean" electricity is produced. Paul Copleman, communications manager with Iberdrola USA, a Spain-based company with offices in the Philadelphia, Pa., area, said Friday the company is in the early stages of evaluating land and measuring wind capacity in the area.
15 Mar 2010

Tax issue next hurdle for wind farm

The question of whether or not there will be a number of wind turbines dotting the landscape of Van Wert and Paulding counties may come down to a familiar issue - taxes. According to Dan Litchfield of Iberdrola Renewables, one of a handful of companies vying for local land rights for turbines, the tax rates could end up preventing the construction of Blue Creek Wind Farm. That project was to use approximately 160 turbines, 120 of those in Van Wert County.
13 Mar 2010

Middleburg Heights wind turbine meets resistance

The visual study of the proposed wind turbine at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds is finished, and the Planning Commission approved the plans Wednesday. The vote was 5 to 2, with members Anthony Crea and Carol Herman dissenting. The county received a $1 million grant to erect the 600-kilowatt turbine, which will generate electricity for the fairgrounds, but still has to receive approval from City Council.
11 Mar 2010

Sen. Sherrod Brown steps into controversy over wind turbine jobs, China

Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is seeing red because a green energy grant program that funds new wind turbines doesn't require their construction with American parts. He wants to suspend the program until Congress imposes "Buy American" restrictions. Brown's stance puts him at odds not only with the Obama administration, but with his friend and political ally, Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, who backs domestic wind turbine manufacturing but doesn't want to ignore the hundreds of Ohio jobs that could be created by building and operating wind farms.
5 Mar 2010

OPSB will consider Buckeye Wind application March 22

The Ohio Power Siting Board has scheduled a meeting March 22 and the agenda includes consideration of the application by Buckeye Wind to site 70 turbines in the eastern half of Champaign County. The agenda published Friday at claims the project is sited solely in Union Township, rather than Union, Urbana, Rush, Salem, Goshen and Wayne townships.
27 Feb 2010

Permits for additional Buckeye Wind anemometers denied

The Champaign County Building Regulations Department rejected three applications for meteorological tower construction by Buckeye Wind, citing a need for additional information for each proposed tower. The permit applications were submitted on Feb. 19 and Building Regulations Director Jene Gaver filed the denials on Feb. 25 after review of each for completeness.
27 Feb 2010

Undeserving wind farms

Contrary to the Feb. 14 Beacon Journal editorial ''Wind win,'' Gov. Ted Strickland's proposal to exempt wind-turbine farms from the tangible personal property tax is a poor idea for at least seven reasons.
26 Feb 2010

Local wind turbine rules still being sought in Champaign County

Union Twp. may not have much control over the industrial-scale wind turbines that would dot the landscape if a proposal by Everpower Renewables is approved by state officials this year. But local officials are planning to meet this week to discuss some basic guidelines for smaller, residential turbines in the township.
14 Feb 2010

Proposal could bring 70 wind turbines to area

proposal to build 70 wind turbines in Champaign County moved forward this week, as attorneys representing several entities made their final arguments concerning the Buckeye Wind Project. The briefs filed Monday, Feb. 1, included arguments from several entities involved in the case.
3 Feb 2010

Feds reviewing Buckeye Wind plans

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is gathering information for a review under the National Environmental Policy Act of the proposed Buckeye Wind power project in Champaign County, Ohio, and of a proposed Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) developed by EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc., to "conserve" the endangered Indiana bat.
1 Feb 2010

Adams, Faber and local officials contest Strickland's plans to "erase" turbine taxes

While Ohio Governor Ted Strickland touted elimination of tangible personal property taxes for wind and solar companies Tuesday, that prospect didn't sit well with representatives of the entities that stand to lose up to $1.4 million in first-year tax revenue if the Buckeye Wind project gains approval to construct 70 turbines in Champaign County from the Ohio Power Siting Board this year.
1 Feb 2010

Middleburg Heights council continues to question fairground wind turbine

City Council continues to ask questions about the proposed wind turbine at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. It was expected to vote Tuesday to accept the proposal of CBLH Design, Inc. to provide a visual analysis of the application of the Cuyahoga County Commissioners and the fair board for the 280-foot turbine, slated for the parking lot off Bagley Road. The study will cost $5,600 and take five to six weeks to complete.
29 Jan 2010
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