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Wind-turbine project not exactly a breeze

Julie Johnson considers herself in that "backyard," so she is part of a group pushing for better regulation of wind energy. She is concerned that the state will allow the turbines too close to homes. She said local sentiment remains strongly against the project and that people have concerns about safety, noise and potential environmental impact. Some residents thought that the energy produced would be used locally, and that their electricity rates would be cheaper, she said. Those people now understand that isn't the case.
11 Oct 2009

Urbana files for role on turbines

Urbana’s City Council voted unanimously Friday, Oct. 9, to file as an intervenor in a proposed wind turbine project, after concerns were raised that the project could impact approaches at two local airfields. ...Michael Speerschneider, a project developer with Everpower, said the company would work with the airport to alleviate those concerns. He said Everpower will not build a wind turbine that was deemed a hazard by the FAA. Instead, the company will offer to invest in localizer equipment at the airport to resolve the issue.
10 Oct 2009

Questions swirl around proposed wind farm

Black Fork Wind Farm turbines may start popping up next year across Richland and Crawford counties, raising uncertainties about taxes and effects on property values. Gary Energetics, an alternative energy company (Denver, Colo.), plans to install 112 Vestas 1.8 megawatt wind turbines, starting in the second half of 2010. The turbines would be at various sites encompassing about 46,000 acres crossing the border of the two counties.
10 Oct 2009

Light bulb program has some customers seeing red

A plan by a Midwest utility to distribute energy-efficient light bulbs to customers backfired when it was learned that the recipients would not only have to pay for the bulbs, but also pay the utility for the electricity they wouldn't be using. Ohio's governor sent a letter to regulators who pulled the plug on the program for now, or at least on the charges that caught consumers off guard.
8 Oct 2009

Residents oppose Black Fork Wind farm project

Many area Crestline residents are opposed to the construction of the Black Fork Wind Farm to be built in Crawford and Richland Counties. Concerned residents gathered Thursday night at the Crestline Public Library to discuss their concerns and the negative impact of wind farms in rural communities.
2 Oct 2009

38 Buckeye Wind turbine sites ruled potentially hazardous

The Federal Aviation Administration recently informed Buckeye Wind, LLC. that its study found 38 of the 70 proposed turbine building sites in Champaign County exceed obstruction standards and could be a hazard to air navigation near Grimes Field. FAA guidelines generally restrict objects taller than 200 feet within five nautical miles, approximately 5.75 standard miles, of an airport that size.
26 Sep 2009

Buckeye Wind Farm hearing dates pushed back

The Ohio Power Siting Board has rescheduled dates for hearings on the proposed Buckeye Wind Project, as requested by parent company Everpower Renewables after a July 31 OPSB order that required Everpower to file additional financial data, projected population estimates and ecological impact studies as part of the application to install a power-generating facility with 70 turbines scattered over approximately 9,000 acres in Champaign County.
8 Sep 2009

Wind power project moves forward

A major project that would dot Champaign County's landscape with wind turbines is moving slowly forward, with public hearings on the proposed sites scheduled for late October. The Buckeye Wind Project is undergoing a review process by the Ohio Power Siting Board. It would include building more than 70 wind turbines across six townships in Champaign County.
6 Sep 2009

Erie County school district goes green

Three wind turbines went up in February and are nearly ready to start moving. ...Three wind turbines went up in February right beside the power grid they'll feed. All seemed well. "For about two days (laughs). We had a blade failure about the second day the turbines were on. One of the blades actually deteriorated and came apart and they've been down ever since then," says Gunner.
3 Sep 2009

Perkins Schools turbines back up, but not running yet

When students pull into the Perkins High School parking lot today, they'll see three wind turbines in front of them, fully assembled for the first time since February. But the blades aren't turning yet, and Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner said the school will proceed cautiously in getting the system back up to full capacity. The original 6-meter blades, some of which blew off during an especially windy day in February, are gone.
31 Aug 2009

Champaign Co. could get 70 wind turbines

Adding 70 wind turbines to the landscape in Champaign County would be the first step toward energy independence, supporters say, but some critics argue the plan could disrupt quality of life. A company called Everpower wants to put the turbines in Union Township, located southeast of Urbana, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported on Tuesday.
25 Aug 2009

North Perry referendum a hot dispute

North Perry Village voters might decide a proposed citizens referendum on the Nov. 3 ballot to forbid Village Council authorizing a contract or purchase exceeding $250,000 unless local voters approve the expense. ...Orosz said this year's issue revolves around Village Council spending $750,000 for land to join the Perry Joint Development District and agreeing on, but not yet spending an estimated $180,000 to $250,000 for land as a site for a proposed wind turbine.
22 Aug 2009

Buckeye Wind's application accepted

Construction of the first commercial-scale wind-powered electric generation facility in Ohio could begin as early as next summer in Champaign County if the Ohio Power Siting Board approves the proposal submitted in April by Buckeye Wind, LLC., a subsidiary of Everpower Wind Holdings Inc. which recently finished construction of its first project, located in Pennsylvania. As the first, the decisions made by officials likely will set precedent for future applications and preview the process for any possible future applications in Logan County.
19 Aug 2009

Black Fork Wind waivers should not be allowed

Black Fork Wind LLC, the project name of the wind farm planned for the Crestline/Shelby area, has filed for waivers to Ohio Administrative Codes to allow them to cut corners in the development of this industry in Richland and Crawford counties. ...This issue concerns me very much and I hope everyone (both in and out of the proposed site) will do their research.
16 Aug 2009

Corrections made to meteorological tower approval

The Jefferson Township Board of Zoning Appeals voted 4-1 Tuesday to make corrections to its original approval of Roger Brown's request for a conditional use permit to build a 197-foot-tall meteorological tower on property he owns along State Route 540. ...Zoning regulations allow conditional use permits for projects that can be classified as public service facilities ...but do not specifically mention turbines or meteorological towers.
12 Aug 2009

Avon Lake officials to form task force on green energy

Within the renewable energy debate is opportunity; the opportunity for communities to utilize their resources not only to address energy efficiency and environmental concerns, but also to stimulate business. According to Avon Lake Councilwoman Jennifer Fenderbosch, there might not be a better opportunity than in Avon Lake. She said she first considered the idea after attending meetings in Cleveland.
27 Jul 2009

Learn more about local wind turbine project

There is a large wind turbine project called Black Fork Wind Farm that consists of 112 turbines 400 feet tall with three 100-foot blades to be placed in an area bounded by the west edge of Shelby on the east, Hazelbrush Road to the north, Hook Road to the south towards Crestline and extending on the west past Tiro towards New Washington. This is a beautiful rural area including Shelby Airport and a KOA campground that will be transformed into an industrial installation.
12 Jul 2009

Wind farm plan spurs questions

A number of Crawford and Richland County residents have reservations about wind turbines popping up in their farmlands. John Warrington, of Vernon Township, and Brett Heffner, of Jackson Township, conducted a community meeting outside the Vernon Township building Tuesday. More than 40 residents attended to listen to information about the proposed Phase 1 Black Fork Wind Farm project.
9 Jul 2009
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