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Authorities still investigating arson at wind turbine site

The investigation into the destruction of a crane at the site of a wind turbine in northern Van Wert County is continuing. The half-million dollar piece of equipment was destroyed by fire during the early morning hours of July 3, and three gas-powered flood lights were smashed by vandals
16 Jul 2011

Bellevue teen killed by fall from wind turbine

A Bellevue teen died after an apparent fall from a wind turbine, family and friends say, but police have yet to confirm what happened. Bellevue police officials said only that they are investigating the death of Ernesto "Ernie" Garcia, 17, who died early Monday at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.
15 Jun 2011

Blade comes off wind turbine at Perkins High School

This was the second time in two years the school district had a wind turbine fail due to a problem with blades. The turbine that failed this week was not the one that had earlier problems, officials said. "At this point we're going to take a step back, find out what happened and make decisions from there," Perkins school Superintendent Jim Gunner said.
1 Dec 2010

Aviation consultant questioned in turbine case

Attorneys closely questioned an aviation consultant Tuesday, Nov. 10, in a hearing on a proposed wind turbine project in Champaign County. Thaddeus Brys, a consultant for Aviation Systems Inc., testified before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio in a hearing on the Buckeye Wind Project, which would build about 70 turbines throughout Champaign County. Gil Weithman, law director for Urbana, questioned Brys on news that the Federal Aviation Administration recently reduced the number of turbines it considered a presumed hazard.
11 Nov 2009

Wind turbines: Airport fix could jeopardize existing flight tool

Grimes Field Manager Carol Hall said there is a concern that placing a "localizer" navigational aid at the municipal airport would put an existing navigational aid in jeopardy. "About 90 percent of pilots here aren't instrument-rated," said Hall, adding this means they are not certified to use the localizer navigational aid.
27 Oct 2009

Wind turbine project slows; Purposed Champaign County wind farm has issues

With the exception of the shores of Lake Erie, the ridge just to the east of Urbana stretching northward to Bellefontaine, has some of the best potential for wind power generation in the state of Ohio. Which is why Everpower has selected Champaign County for the Buckeye Wind Project. ...Out of those 70 turbines 38 have been flagged by the Federal Aviation Administration as having a potentially negative impact on approaches to Grimes Field on the north and to Weller Airport on the east side of Urbana.
27 Oct 2009

Turbine proposal prompts concern by CareFlight pilot, OSP commander

In addition to local residents, emergency first responders are considering how the proposal to site 70 wind turbines in Champaign County will impact them. The Federal Aviation Administration has issued notices of presumed hazard to navigable airspace for 38 of the proposed sites, noting their potential negative impact on Grimes Field, where a CareFlight hangar is located, and the privately-owned Weller Airport, which was used for a helicopter landing and takeoff to transport a crash victim on Oct. 6.
16 Oct 2009

38 Buckeye Wind turbine sites ruled potentially hazardous

The Federal Aviation Administration recently informed Buckeye Wind, LLC. that its study found 38 of the 70 proposed turbine building sites in Champaign County exceed obstruction standards and could be a hazard to air navigation near Grimes Field. FAA guidelines generally restrict objects taller than 200 feet within five nautical miles, approximately 5.75 standard miles, of an airport that size.
26 Sep 2009

Erie County school district goes green

Three wind turbines went up in February and are nearly ready to start moving. ...Three wind turbines went up in February right beside the power grid they'll feed. All seemed well. "For about two days (laughs). We had a blade failure about the second day the turbines were on. One of the blades actually deteriorated and came apart and they've been down ever since then," says Gunner.
3 Sep 2009

Perkins Schools turbines back up, but not running yet

When students pull into the Perkins High School parking lot today, they'll see three wind turbines in front of them, fully assembled for the first time since February. But the blades aren't turning yet, and Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner said the school will proceed cautiously in getting the system back up to full capacity. The original 6-meter blades, some of which blew off during an especially windy day in February, are gone.
31 Aug 2009

New blades for wind turbines

New blades will be installed on four turbines that were shut down temporarily at two locations in the area. A crew yesterday replaced the blades on the wind turbine at Turtle Plastics in Lorain. New blades also will be placed on three turbines at Perkins High School in Perkins Township. The four turbines were built by the same company and were shut down to ensure safety after the blades broke off a turbine at Perkins High School.
18 Apr 2009

3 turbines crash after blades from one break

Three wind turbines at Perkins High School crashed Saturday when the blades broke off one of them. No one was hurt when parts of the fiberglass blades came off the turbine as it spun, winging the blades up to 40 yards away from the silver monopole tower, near the high school at 3714 Campbell St. The remaining two turbines will not be used until they are inspected and officials figure out what caused the blades to break.
10 Feb 2009

Ice storm damages wind measurement tower

High winds and ice Tuesday are partially to blame for knocking an approximately 20-foot section from the top of a 160-foot Monroe Township meteorological tower, raising concerns among area residents about what could happen to a wind turbine in the event of a more serious ice storm. “Wind Truth Alliance questions why a wind company would erect a structure that cannot withstand Ohio weather,” Linda Hughes of the organization wrote in a prepared statement. “If wind turbines are to be built in Logan County, what will protect residents from the impact of the recent ice storm and more severe ice storms, such as the one in 2005?”
7 Mar 2008
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