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USA Ohio Ohio Air National Guard drops wind turbine plans for Camp Perry; birding groups declare victory 29 Jun 2017
USA Ohio Camp Perry Wind Complaint 27 Mar 2017
Ohio ABC brief supporting disclosure of bird-bat mortality: Blue Creek Wind facility 7 Mar 2017
Ohio Ohio Supreme Court strikes down challenge to wind-farm approval 8 Sep 2016
USA Ohio A Win for the Indiana Bat: D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals requires analysis of greater protections for endangered species impacted by wind energy development 8 Aug 2016
Ohio Ruling reversed and affirmed in wind appeal 8 Aug 2016
Ohio Champaign County wind farm to push on after court ruling 8 Aug 2016
USA Ohio Union Neighbors United, Inc. v. Jewell 5 Aug 2016
Ohio High court allows Champaign County wind farm to proceed 14 Apr 2016
Ohio Justices uphold permit for Champaign County wind farm 13 Apr 2016
Ohio Ohio Supreme Court rules in favor of Champaign County Wind: Decision 13 Apr 2016
Ohio Wind farm blows to the high court 5 Jan 2016
Ohio Buckeye Wind Farm case appealed to state Supreme Court 1 Nov 2015
Ohio Take permit ruling favors local wind farm project 24 Mar 2015
Ohio Neighbors appeal state decision on Champaign County turbines 28 Sep 2014
Ohio Scioto Ridge Wind Farm clears legal challenge 20 May 2014
Ohio Siting board denies county’s request for re-hearing on wind farm 20 May 2014
Ohio Buckeye Wind opponents say Ohio’s alternative energy mandates are unconstitutional 5 Feb 2014
Ohio National Guard scraps Ohio turbine project after enviros threaten lawsuit 30 Jan 2014
Ohio Bird conservation groups move to block Lake Erie wind turbine project at Camp Perry 8 Jan 2014
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