Library from North Dakota

North Dakota Meeting room overflows, public hearing gets rescheduled 15 Nov
North Dakota Wind farm proposal pushing neighbors apart 13 Nov
North Dakota Burleigh commission accepts responsibility on wind farm decision 16 Oct
North Dakota Program launched to aid landowners with wind energy development 22 Aug
North Dakota Lawmaker proposes to change how N.D. wind energy tax revenue is distributed 15 Aug
North Dakota North Dakota wind companies required to plan ahead for restoring land 6 Jul
USA North Dakota Xcel Energy seeks eagle kill permit for wind farm 20 Jun
North Dakota How many bald eagle deaths from a ND wind farm can wildlife officials accept? 19 Jun
North Dakota Finding the right balance for the state 17 Jun
North Dakota Wind developer's payment to Ducks Unlimited raises questions 12 Jun
North Dakota Efforts to reduce wind energy impact to wildlife prompts controversy 9 Jun
North Dakota New technology required for Morton County wind farm, but not yet approved by FAA 20 May
North Dakota Commission send wind farm proposal back for review 2 May
North Dakota Project blows back around 21 Mar
North Dakota 'Completely perverse' wind energy subsidies aren't reducing emissions 16 Oct 2017
North Dakota Wind farm: Amended site plan makes room for piping plover, whooping cranes 14 Sep 2017
North Dakota Large ND wind farm project moving forward, permit decision expected by summer's end 18 May 2017
North Dakota Wind energy - con: Tell taxpayers the real cost 15 May 2017
North Dakota PSC Approves Rule Changes Related to Wind Projects 2 May 2017
North Dakota Wind turbine bill passes in Legislature 28 Apr 2017
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