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Wind projects encountering more hurdles

Getting proposed wind farms spinning in North Dakota isn’t as easy as in the past, and it’s likely to get more difficult. There are growing concerns about the projects, ranging from the impact on the viewshed to the noise created by the turbines.
7 Nov 2019

As PSC considers wind farm permit, regulators look at lighting, local workforce issues

Helicopters fly hundreds of missions each year related to the operation of intercontinental ballistic missiles buried in North Dakota. Blair wrote that one of the Air Force’s concerns is that the lights could notify opposition forces of the location of a helicopter flying at night. “This would severely degrade our capability and jeopardize mission accomplishment,” he said.
31 Oct 2019

OSHA to fine LM Wind Power $136,500

In two days in October, inside of wind-turbine blade No. 106, the amount of a hazardous substance called styrene reached 1,889 parts per million and then 2,195 parts per million, triggering air-quality alarms at LM Wind Power in Grand Forks.
25 Apr 2011

Wind turbine accident snarls traffic in West Fargo

At 2 p.m. today crews were still working to rectify a traffic snarl in West Fargo caused when an axle on a trailer carrying a tower for a wind turbine collapsed around noon. ...The incident began when one of six axles on the trailer collapsed, landing part of the tower section on the road, Loberg said.
22 Apr 2010

Tower hauler violated permit

The driver of a truck hauling a wind tower column that hit the underside of an Interstate 94 overpass near Casselton was fined $100 on Monday for violating his state-issued travel permit, the North Dakota Highway Patrol said. ...The truck, trailer and 114-foot-long tower column had a combined weight of 152,200 pounds, Hischer said. ... It's unknown whether the tower column is still usable. Christiansen said the column is sitting at Industrial Builders Inc. in West Fargo, and DMI won't look at it unless repairs are necessary. The trucking company is responsible for the bridge damage, Hischer said.
27 Nov 2007

Overpass damage near Casselton caused by wind tower

A wind tower column from DMI Industries in West Fargo that was being hauled on a semitrailer flatbed clipped the underside of an Interstate 94 overpass just east of this city, damaging it. No one was hurt, but traffic was disrupted while the mess was cleaned up, the Highway Patrol said. ...The impact about 9:30 a.m. Saturday in the westbound lanes scattered chunks of concrete across the road, damaging at least nine vehicles. The damage ranged from flat tires to punctured radiators, authorities said.
24 Nov 2007

Wind towers near Minot need fixing

MINOT, N.D. Wind towers south of here are undergoing repairs. The wind generators on the east side of U.S. Highway 83, about 10 miles south of Minot, have not been spinning to produce electricity for the last couple of months. Crews have been working to replace gear boxes.
8 Feb 2006
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