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Wind-power project for Merricourt area stalls

In PSC filings in 2008, enXco and Xcel were both part of the planned Merricourt Wind Farm. EnXco would develop and construct the wind farm while Xcel would purchase the resulting electricity. In April 2011, Xcel announced it was terminating the contract over unresolved issues.
16 Jun 2011

Questions over canceled wind farm

The decision to scrap the project apparently came as a surprise to enXco. Its parent company, EDF Energies Nouvelles of France, issued a statement Tuesday that disputed Xcel's reasons. It said that enXco would continue to work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to mitigate threats to endangered species.
6 Apr 2011

Birds ground Xcel wind deal

On the plains of North Dakota, two rare birds have sparked an unusual fight between giant energy companies that have long worked as partners. The battle erupted over the endangered whooping crane, which migrates through the state, and the piping plover, a threatened species on the northern plains.
6 Apr 2011

LM Wind Power to lay off 150 workers at GF facility

LM Wind Power will lay off about 150 workers at its Grand Forks manufacturing facility, the company announced Wednesday. According to a news release, the company is responding to the "dramatic reduction" in wind turbine installations in the U.S. in 2010 and "prolonged uncertainty" around government support for the renewable energy sector.
13 Jan 2011

No changes in the wind policy for Burleigh County

Company officials said they wanted the mapping process moved from the special use permit phase to the building permit stage. Commission Chairman Mark Armstrong said the county policy is modeled after the Public Service Commission policy but is stricter in some setback wording for - 1,753 for the county's and 1,400 for the PSC.
19 Oct 2010

Wind growth slows in 2010

According to Clark, the recession has reduced demand for energy. At the same time, over the past few years new capacity in wind and other forms of generation grew so energy providers need to wait for demand to catch up with supply again.
22 Aug 2010

Otter Tail electric bills rise with wind power

Otter Tail Power Co.'s North Dakota customers will see higher electric bills as the utility adds more wind power to its energy sources, state regulators say. Beginning Sept. 1, a separate charge assessed to ratepayers to pay for Otter Tail wind energy projects will increase the monthly bill by almost $1.40 for a residential customer.
6 Aug 2010

PSC hears pros and cons of proposed wind farm

Baldwin Wind's plans to build another wind farm in northern Burleigh County got mixed reviews from nearby residents at a formal hearing for the company before the Public Service Commission. ..."There has become an atmosphere of resentment among everybody. You're either for it [the wind project] or against it," Miller said, adding the tide is turning against those who ask questions about wind development. "But now the attitude is becoming, ‘succumb, or else.'"
21 May 2010
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