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Talking wind: NextEra Energy hosts open house

Most of the questions about a wind farm proposed to surround Taylor came from those who had little power over it: residents in the town who don’t own the land with turbines on it. Nevertheless, the 87 turbines will be seen from the town — currently with few viewscape obstructions — from virtually every angle.
19 Mar 2015

Wind farm raises both concern and hope for Tioga

The Williams County Planning and Zoning Commission tabled the company’s request for a conditional use permit for some testing towers after several landowners expressed concerns. The commission asked for input from the City of Tioga  before making a recommendation to the county commission for approval of the permit. ...The Tioga Airport Board has voted against the project, according to President Chris Norgaard, due to concerns the project may affect future airport approach routes used by pilots.
20 Jan 2015

Public hearing on wind power project rescheduled

A North Dakota Public Service Commission public hearing in Ashley regarding a proposal for revisions to the Merricourt Wind Power Project has been rescheduled. The hearing will be held at 10 a.m. Jan. 22 at the Ashley City Hall, 113 1st St. NW, in Ashley. The hearing was originally scheduled to be held Monday.
22 Dec 2014

State delves into new issue of wind farm site decommissioning; sets big precedent

A major concern of those opposing wind energy is their belief that landowners would have to pay to either remove the structures, which can involve millions of dollars, or to maintain them, even after their lifespan is complete and are no longer operational. Many also consider a decommissioned turbine site to be an eyesore and negatively affect the landowner’s property.
12 Sep 2014

ND looks to day when wind turbines stop turning

The North Dakota Administrative Code provides that after the 10th year of operation of a wind turbine, the PSC “may” require the turbine’s owner or operator to secure a form of financial assurance” to cover anticipated decommissioning costs. Last September, the PSC sent notices requiring the owners of four wind projects to submit updated decommissioning plans within 30 days.
13 Apr 2014

Split Public Service Commission approves Adams wind farm

Kalk said Adams County approved the project with setbacks of 2,640 feet from occupied structures. “This is by far the most restrictive (setback)… the board has been involved in,” Kalk said. He said the PSC typically uses a 1,400-foot setback ...Kalk added that he’s in favor of letting the county determine what they think is appropriate.
9 Oct 2013

Hettinger wind project delayed by PSC

Commissioner Brian Kalk said the PSC made its decision partly because the Adams County Planning and Zoning Commission hasn't decided if the project meets its comprehensive land use plan and also because Thunder Spirit Wind failed to file a map showing the location of all 75 turbines in the time required by law.
8 Aug 2013

Duck Creek Township could see 75 wind turbines

"I was one of the last ones (to agree), but the neighbors are going to take it and it'll be everywhere around here anyway," Christman said. The closest one will be a half-mile from his house. He expects to hear the loud "whooshing" sounds the blades make when they spin. "I live here because I love the peace and quiet and privacy. This is the house I grew up in," Christman said.
27 Jul 2013
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