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North Dakota State Legislators: End the federal wind PTC

Nd-windptc_thumb The North Dakota State Senate and House Majority Leaders submitted this letter to the North Dakota federal senator, Senator John Hoeven, expressing their concerns with the wind production tax credit and the crushing energy policies of Washington that are destroying traditional energy development while pressing for more renewable energy. A portion of the letter is provided below. The full letter can be accessed by selecting the document links on this page.
23 Mar 2017

Energy study aims to grapple with industry landscape

“We’re starting to have more opposition at wind farm hearings,” said Christmann, explaining that major issues in public hearings tend to be the sound turbines produce, the visual aspect and setbacks. From a regulatory standpoint, he said it comes down to a delicate balancing act in terms of expanding the state’s energy production and ensuring there’s enough capacity on the grid for electricity.
4 Mar 2017

North Dakota Senate committee tweaks wind power moratorium bill

Sen. Dwight Cook, R-Mandan, said his amendment was intended to “take some of the edge” off of the original moratorium proposal.  ...“What I’m looking for is reliable, affordable electricity,” Cook said. “One of the things that we’re responsible for, I would think anyway, is to make sure that the … electricity of North Dakota is always available to the citizens of North Dakota and we don’t suffer through a blackout.”
21 Feb 2017

With near-record growth, wind industry faces stiff challenge in ND Senate

Sen. Jessica Unruh, R-Beulah, Senate Bill 2314’s primary sponsor who supported the amendment, said she believes in an “all-of-the-above energy policy,” but the wind energy industry is “heavily subsidized” by the federal government. “If everybody is paying taxes fairly and being regulated fairly, I think the market will work itself out,” said Unruh
21 Feb 2017

Wind farm application rejected by Billings County Commission

Billings County Commissioners rejected the application for a 114-turbine wind farm on Tuesday. ...The majority of the audience voiced concern over the proposed wind farm, sighting the visual impacts as a deterrent for tourism, potential decrease in land value and the proximity of the towers to the Painted Canyon Visitor Center and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
17 Nov 2016

Low cost of electricity in ND discouraging solar energy investments

Northern Plains Electric Cooperative system engineer Ashten Dewald said the advice she gives people interested in installing a solar system is to look at the costs and benefits. “If you want to be eco-friendly and install solar panels for that reason, great, but at this point, it’s not really justifiable with the low cost of North Dakota energy,” Dewald said.
19 Oct 2016

North Dakota regulators approve $153M wind farm near Bismarck

Commissioner chairwoman Julie Fedorchak urged counties to make sure ordinances are in place for wind facilities before developers approach them with projects. Under Morton County’s standards, the Oliver III turbines will be set back at least 1,400 feet from occupied homes and 679 feet from the property lines of non-participating landowners.
22 Jun 2016

PSC’s Brady Wind II hearing lasts more than 10 hours

No one could deny the addition of jobs wasn't a positive. However, residents were able to voice their concerns on a number of other issues, including the noise of the blades, the aesthetic of the towers, the damage to the soil from the concrete foundations, the impact on wildlife and the increase in electric costs, among other things.
8 Jun 2016

Brady II goes before PSC Tuesday

The Hettinger County Commission approved the proposed wind farm on April 8. Now the weight of the decision rests on the PSC. The first phase of the project had much opposition along with proponent comments at a March PSC hearing.
7 Jun 2016

PSC inches closer to Brady Wind decision

A work session followed the special meeting as the PSC continued discussing the 15-hour meeting so they could move closer to reaching a conclusion as to whether the proposed wind farm is in compliance with laws and regulations. The public has 10 days to make comment or cross-examine new exhibits admitted to the record Friday. 
28 May 2016
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