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Wind farm proposal spins controversy

Krank said he has spent weeks traveling to various wind towers throughout the state. He believes the noise levels towers generate have become a major concern. “Noise is definitely a problem,” he said. “You can hear the whooshing sound of propellers from several thousand feet away.” But even more troubling than noise levels, Krank said, was the decrease in land value as a result of wind farms.
9 Apr 2015

Talking wind: NextEra Energy hosts open house

Most of the questions about a wind farm proposed to surround Taylor came from those who had little power over it: residents in the town who don’t own the land with turbines on it. Nevertheless, the 87 turbines will be seen from the town — currently with few viewscape obstructions — from virtually every angle.
19 Mar 2015

Wind farm raises both concern and hope for Tioga

The Williams County Planning and Zoning Commission tabled the company’s request for a conditional use permit for some testing towers after several landowners expressed concerns. The commission asked for input from the City of Tioga  before making a recommendation to the county commission for approval of the permit. ...The Tioga Airport Board has voted against the project, according to President Chris Norgaard, due to concerns the project may affect future airport approach routes used by pilots.
20 Jan 2015

Public hearing on wind power project rescheduled

A North Dakota Public Service Commission public hearing in Ashley regarding a proposal for revisions to the Merricourt Wind Power Project has been rescheduled. The hearing will be held at 10 a.m. Jan. 22 at the Ashley City Hall, 113 1st St. NW, in Ashley. The hearing was originally scheduled to be held Monday.
22 Dec 2014

ND wind farm project revived after lawsuit concerning endangered birds

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service commented in February 2010 that “an adverse effect to whooping cranes is likely” from the project and recommended EDF not start construction until it obtains an “incidental take” permit, which allows a landowner to proceed with an activity that would otherwise result in the illegal killing of an endangered or threatened species.
7 Nov 2014

State delves into new issue of wind farm site decommissioning; sets big precedent

A major concern of those opposing wind energy is their belief that landowners would have to pay to either remove the structures, which can involve millions of dollars, or to maintain them, even after their lifespan is complete and are no longer operational. Many also consider a decommissioned turbine site to be an eyesore and negatively affect the landowner’s property.
12 Sep 2014

ND House candidates differ on wind tax credit

Cramer was one of 54 members of Congress to sign a letter to House Speaker John Boehner last month arguing that a one-year extension of the PTC would cost taxpayers more than $13 billion. He acknowledged that the PTC’s expiration could mean fewer projects under development right away, but he said the wind industry can “stand on its own.”
4 Sep 2014

Border battle: ND refuses to pay millions in MN renewable energy bills

North Dakota officials grudgingly looked the other way as Minnesota regulators continued to approve more of what they viewed as inefficient renewable energy projects. Those projects increased the utility bills of Xcel’s 80,000 customers — from Fargo to Minot — by an estimated $5.7 million a year. The systemwide cost for ratepayers is about $92 million.
16 Apr 2014

ND looks to day when wind turbines stop turning

The North Dakota Administrative Code provides that after the 10th year of operation of a wind turbine, the PSC “may” require the turbine’s owner or operator to secure a form of financial assurance” to cover anticipated decommissioning costs. Last September, the PSC sent notices requiring the owners of four wind projects to submit updated decommissioning plans within 30 days.
13 Apr 2014

$350M Stutsman County wind farm seeks zoning approval

The first wind farm project planned for Stutsman County will seek approval under the county’s zoning ordinance Wednesday, according to Casey Bradley, county auditor and chief operating officer for Stutsman County. The zoning ordinance was originally passed in 2009, updated in late 2013 and details the allowable locations for the wind turbines and required road maintenance and upgrades.
10 Feb 2014
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