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PSC’s Brady Wind II hearing lasts more than 10 hours

No one could deny the addition of jobs wasn't a positive. However, residents were able to voice their concerns on a number of other issues, including the noise of the blades, the aesthetic of the towers, the damage to the soil from the concrete foundations, the impact on wildlife and the increase in electric costs, among other things.
8 Jun 2016

Brady II goes before PSC Tuesday

The Hettinger County Commission approved the proposed wind farm on April 8. Now the weight of the decision rests on the PSC. The first phase of the project had much opposition along with proponent comments at a March PSC hearing.
7 Jun 2016

PSC inches closer to Brady Wind decision

A work session followed the special meeting as the PSC continued discussing the 15-hour meeting so they could move closer to reaching a conclusion as to whether the proposed wind farm is in compliance with laws and regulations. The public has 10 days to make comment or cross-examine new exhibits admitted to the record Friday. 
28 May 2016

Another wind farm proposed for Stark and Hettinger Counties

The first wind farm hasn’t yet been built – but the developers of the Brady wind farm in Stark and Hettinger counties have proposed a second wind farm for that same area. ...The North Dakota Public Service Commission is requiring the developer to submit the proposed locations for the wind turbines at least 30 days before the public hearing.
21 Apr 2016

Williams County wind farm project approved

The project originally had been located 2 miles north of Tioga. It was moved to 4 miles away after city officials voiced concerns about the future growth of the city to the north being impacted by a wind farm that close. Tioga City Commission President Drake McClelland said he appreciated the project being moved further north but expressed concern it could still impact future city growth to the north, which is where single-family housing would work best.
3 Dec 2015

Residents of N.D. oil town split on proposed wind farm

Stephanie Vagts, who lives about one mile from one of the proposed turbines, said the community can’t endure another construction crew building more access roads when the area is “already bursting at the seams.” “We’ve already sacrificed enough for energy,” Vagts said. Resident Kathy Hove said she doesn’t want to look at the wind towers and she’s concerned about how the wind farm will affect the community.
9 Oct 2015

PSC holds public hearing on proposed wind farm

PSC member Brian Kalk said he believed issues related to whooping cranes and eagles will have to be dealt with in deciding if and where the turbines would be erected. PSC Chair Julie Fedorchak said those and many other issues will be closely looked at before any permits are issued for the project.
9 Oct 2015

Bakken ready for big wind?

Several landowners in opposition told the planning and zoning board not to forget Tradewind Energy and eventually Enel Green Power North America will receive millions of dollars in state-initiated tax incentives.  “I do not want to pay that money,” said Todd Beasley, a resident of Tioga, who added that he was “not against wind farms” but urged the board to vote against the variance request.
1 Jul 2015

PSC hears testimony on proposed wind farm

"We're asking the Public Service Commission to give us some leeway in terms of siting 59 sites. Those would accommodate six different kinds of turbines so we haven't specified in our application which of those six we would use. We want to leave that up to the potential off-taker and more importantly, the guys that have the turbines that are in this IRS safe harbor."
29 Jun 2015

PSC postpones hearing on Dickinson Wind project; property owners petition to intervene

PSC Commissioner Brian Kalk stressed that it was the developer, not the PSC, who pushed to continue the matter. He said the PSC doesn’t have the authority or jurisdiction to override the county’s decision to reject the project. “I think that’s one of the big reasons that they need to go back to the drawing board and make sure they’ve got a project that the county likes before they even bring it to us,” he said.
14 May 2015
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