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Testimony wraps up for wind project

During four days of hearings before the Chowan County Board of Commissioners, Apex presented testimony on topics such as health, sound and property values. The opposition offered testimony from its own witnesses, including two who spoke about the project's potential impact on soil and water resources.
5 Oct 2016

Wind project to move forward

The Perquimans County Commission rejected two appeals to cut short the review of the Apex Clean Energy wind power project because Apex didn’t submit a complete application and failed to meet the burden of proving the project was safe.
28 Sep 2016

Board to decide 'harmony' issue

The county commission will be required to affirm the project will no[t] (A) materially endanger the public heath and safety, (B) the projects meets the required conditions and specifications, (C) that is will not substantially injure the value of adjoining or abutting property or that the use is a public necessity and (D) the location and character of the use is in harmony with the area and is in general conformity with the county land use plan.
21 Sep 2016

Amazon’s Wind Farm Links Nonexistent; Energy still will come from local utilities using fossil fuels

“Many companies such as Apple and Google claim that they get their electricity from 100 percent renewable sources. At best, this claim is misleading and deceptive. We cannot find a single instance of a large company actually going ‘100 percent renewable.’ The reality is that as long as these companies are connected to the electric grid, they still get the vast majority of their electricity from conventional sources such as coal, natural gas, and nuclear power, and are therefore not 100 percent renewable,” wrote Fisher.
3 Nov 2015

Amazon wind project 'historic’

Before Amazon surfaced as a customer, one of Iberdrola’s long-running obstacles was finding someone to buy the energy that would be produced by the project. The company also faced concerns over effects the wind farm might have on radar from nearby military facilities. To allay those concerns, Iberdrola will build 104 turbines at first and then evaluate if it can expand to the 150 total turbines it first proposed.
14 Jul 2015

Energy company addresses issues

Newport residents have raised concerns at public town meetings. The primary concerns have been potential impacts to military operations from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, potential impacts to surrounding property values, potential health and safety issues from shadow flicker and glint, potential environmental impacts and potential noise problems.
15 Nov 2013

Energy firm scales down wind farm

Mr. White said the company has reduced the number of turbines it proposes for their facility from 50 to 40 and have rearranged some of the proposed turbines’ locations to accommodate Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.
10 Nov 2013

Proposed Pantego wind farm stalls

The Pantego project's spinning blades pose a potential threat to bald eagles roosting and foraging in Beaufort County, and they would create a collision risk for F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jets making practice runs from nearby Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Invenergy is considering whether to reconfigure the location of the giant turbines or give up on the site altogether and move the project.
12 Jan 2013

Coastal wind projects come under fire

Through spokesmen and position papers, Republican presidential nominee Romney has made clear that he would urge Congress to end a federal tax credit for wind energy that makes the alternative power source economically feasible. But no matter who wins the White House, objections from the military lodged with Gov. Bev Perdue could be enough to kill this wind project and others.
1 Sep 2012

Wind turbines off N.C. coast likely still years away, panel says

Wind energy is not going to be cheap. There is just no way that's going to happen ... that was recognized early on. But if jobs could come to North Carolina en masse ... that would overcome negativity with the cost of generating it." But the prospect for jobs locally is unclear. Any wind turbines erected off the coast would most likely be constructed in federal waters.
25 Feb 2012

N.C. wind farm can't close a deal to sell power

But months of talks with neighboring power companies have failed to yield a contract. Iberdrola will not be able to finance the project until it can show institutional lenders a long-term contract with guaranteed cash flow. Progress Energy in Raleigh, one of Desert Wind's potential customers, ended talks with Iberdrola after the parties couldn't agree.
15 Dec 2011
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