Documents from New York

New York Town of Sanford, Broome County wind ordinance 11 Dec 2019
New York Town of Sanford, NY wind turbine moratorium 15 Aug 2019
New York Galloo Island wind project withdrawal letter 8 Feb 2019
New York Schneider: Bald Eagles at Galloo Island wind project site 4 Sep 2018
New York Apex: Galloo Island Wind - USFWS Comments 12 Jul 2017
New York NY Health Department comments: Eight Point Wind Energy proposal 31 Oct 2016
New York NYISO comments on NY plan to implement Large-Scale Renewable Program and Clean Energy Standard (Case 15-E-0302) 22 Apr 2016
New York Somerset NY Amended Wind Law 27 Jan 2016
New York Exploring the impact of the proposed Galloo Island energy project 20 Jan 2016
New York Save Ontario Shores, Inc. V Town of Yates, Lighthouse Wind LLC 6 Jul 2015
New York Lawsuit filed against Invenergy in relation to Orangeville Wind Farm 1 Aug 2014
New York Matter of Frigault v Town of Richfield Planning Board 21 Jan 2014
New York Comments on Jacobson et. al. proposal for a wind, water, and solar energy future for New York State 1 May 2013
New York New York State annual wind capacity factors steady at 23.5% 29 Apr 2013
New York Citizens v. Iberdrola Hardscrabble Wind Farm 22 Oct 2012
New York Letter to the Wyoming County New York Board of Supervisors 4 Jun 2012
New York Town of Litchfield NY Wind Energy Facilities Local Law 1 Mar 2012
New York White v Town of Orangeville, Stony Creek Wind 4 Jan 2012
New York Hammond property value protection agreement 28 Dec 2010
New York Petition and Complaint filed against the Town of Cape Vincent, New York 26 Oct 2010
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