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Transmission Developers Pitch Mass. Clean Energy Bids

Representatives of five transmission projects proposed in July in response to the Massachusetts solicitation for 9.45 TWh/year of hydro and Class I renewables (wind, solar or energy storage) tried to explain why their projects should be among those selected in January. Contracts awarded under the MA 83D request for proposals are to be submitted in late April.
10 Oct 2017

Tale of two grids: Upstate wind power needs more extension cords to NYC

Simply put, most wind and hydroelectric power is produced in Northern and Western New York, where the supply of electricity exceeds demand. But two-thirds of all the state's power is used in the New York City-Long Island region. Transmission lines between the two areas are already overburdened, and are not equipped to handle the anticipated growth in Upstate renewables, the report says.
19 May 2017

Vermont Green Line developers seek New York permit

Invenergy is developing the Bull Run Wind Energy Center in Clinton County, pending approval from state regulators. The proposed development would have as many as 140 turbines, with an in-service date projected for 2019. ...“We think the Vermont Green project is well timed to provide the region with a reliable, clean energy source of hydro firming wind,” Sanderson said.
9 May 2016

Judge recommends dismissal of Galloo Island wind farm connection request

Citing a lack of substantive activity on the project, an administrative law judge has recommended the state Public Service Commission dismiss an application to construct a 50-mile electric transmission line from Galloo Island on Lake Ontario to the mainland. ...the application "lacks viability at present" and has had a "chilling effect" on landowners and their plans for business development.
27 Feb 2013

Senators try to prevent Quebec transmission line

The senators - led by state Sen. George Maziarz, a Western New York Republican, and joined by state Sen. Patricia A. Ritchie, R-Heuvelton - say upstate jobs are at stake if a $2 billion transmission line proposal is approved because it would squeeze out energy producers in the state, like nuclear power plants, facilities that burn wood to create electricity and wind turbine farms.
15 May 2012

Galloo line path remains in limbo

Mr. Kessel said in May that wind power projects in Jefferson County wouldn't get power purchase agreements after the county's Board of Legislators voted in March to oppose the offshore wind project, which possibly included some off Jefferson County's shores.
18 Apr 2011

Galloo developer pushes NYPA deal

Galloo Island Wind Farm's developer is lobbying state officials to push the New York Power Authority to give the project a contract for its power. Attorneys for Upstate NY Power Corp. have talked to local officials and at least the chairmen, if not the members, of the state Assembly and Senate Energy Committees.
19 Feb 2011

Town considers law against power lines

Mr. Renzi said he would look into the effectiveness of a law that would ban transmission lines. Anne V. Dalton, spokeswoman for the Public Service Commission, said the organization complies with laws in existence. "We don't override laws. We follow them very strictly," she said.
6 Nov 2010
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