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Former DEC biologist wants Apex Clean Energy to conduct new avian mortality studies

Jefferson County Planning Board member Clifford P. Schneider, a retired wildlife biologist, said in a letter to the PSC that Apex Clean Energy used studies from the first Galloo Island proposal, filed by a different company, to minimize the potential environmental impacts of the project. And he attacked his former agency for altering report results to diminish their importance.
8 Dec 2016

Wind turbines wrong for lake

Consider the construction consequences. The pile drivers pounding in the monopoles stands will certainly disrupt the fish and fish migrations. Don't be fooled by the developers who claim wind turbines improve fishing. There is no proof. Lake Erie is already regarded as a world-class trophy fishery for bass and walleye, and we do not need wind developers to make it better.
17 Aug 2013

What you don't know ...

The post-construction studies are too late for the bat and avian population. We need to address pre-construction studies. Wind farm advocates say cats kill more birds than wind farms. Does that mean we should introduce bird-killing machines into our countryside? Isn't that like saying natural radon causes more cancer than PCBs, so we should allow PCBs to be discharged into our waterways?
5 Nov 2010

International group calls for three-year wind farm moratorium

Alarming bird and bat mortality rates at the Wolfe Island wind farm have an international group calling for a three-year moratorium on wind energy projects on the Upper St. Lawrence River and east end of Lake Ontario. Save The River vice-president Stephanie Weiss said the 86-windmill farm has caused the death of 688 birds and bats, equalling eight per windmill.
13 Aug 2010

Release: Save The River Calls for a Halt on Wind Energy Development Due to Environmental Concerns

Save The River is urging local municipalities bordering the Upper St. Lawrence River in the U.S. and Canada to implement a three year moratorium on wind project development. The move was taken after careful review of recent data showing potentially high avian and bat mortality from the first six months of operation of the Wolfe Island Wind project, the only operating wind project in the region.
4 Aug 2010

DEC releases Galloo findings

The conclusion of the state environmental quality review process has led developers to cut two turbines from the plan for Galloo Island Wind Farm. The state Department of Environmental Conservation, which has been the lead agency on the review, released its findings Wednesday. Those findings included the elimination of two turbines to preserve habitat for the upland sandpiper, a state-listed threatened species.
4 Mar 2010

Wind turbine placement should take migrating birds into consideration, ornithologist says

Bill Evans wants to make it clear he's not against wind turbines. "I'm not anti-wind. I'm a consultant who people call from both sides when there's a concern about the impact on migrating birds," he said. Evans, 50, is an Ithaca-based ornithologist who has studied bird migration in North America for more than 25 years. He helped start the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology's research into avian night flight calls in the mid-1990s and in 1998 founded the non-profit group Old Bird Inc.
8 Nov 2009

Wind farm project gets mixed reaction

The 39-turbine Roaring Brook wind farm project in the town of Martinsburg received little public comment Wednesday. And the four people who did speak at the town Planning Board public hearing on the project expressed mixed opinions. "There is insufficient evidence to suggest that birds won't be displaced by Roaring Brook Wind Farm," said Chris K. Lajewski, the Northern New York land steward for the Nature Conservancy.
22 Oct 2009

Birds, bats, and wind

Every state in the northeast has set a target for increasing the amount of renewable energy it produces. Wind power is a big part of this push. Those towers and turbine blades can pose dangers to birds and bats. With more interest nationally in developing wind power, scientists are searching for more answers about the impacts, and how to minimize them.
25 Sep 2009

DEC seeks more Galloo Island studies

The state Department of Environmental Conservation wants to see more studies in the proposed Galloo Island Wind Farm's draft environmental impact statement. Upstate NY Power Corp., backed by Pattern Energy Group LP, San Francisco, plans to build an 84-turbine wind farm on the island rated at 252 megawatts. Recently, Pattern bought out Babcock & Brown Ltd.
22 Jul 2009

More studies of wind farm requested

Comments on the proposed Galloo Island Wind Farm submitted to the state Department of Environmental Conservation criticize the project's effects on birds and animals and ask for public access. DEC collected 22 written comments on the draft environmental impact statement submitted by Galloo Island developer Upstate NY Power Corp. Oral comments were taken at two public hearings May 18. As lead agency, DEC collects comments and then determines whether the draft statement is complete.
14 Jun 2009
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