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Turbine near home

Turbinecohoctonny_thumb A wind turbine is seen from Hal Graham’s window on Lent Hill in Cohocton. Mr. Graham signed a lease agreement with First Wind (formerly UPC Wind) to permit turbines on his property. Since signing, Mr. Graham has been vocal in arguing First Wind was not forthcoming with how noisy the turbines would be. According to aerial photographs of Mr. Graham's property, two industrial-scale turbines are located at 1050 feet and 2000 feet of the wall of his home. In total there are six industrial scale turbines within one-mile of his house.
7 Apr 2009

Turbines on the horizon, Wethersfield NY

Wethersfieldnyturbines_thumb These ten Vestas V47 wind turbines stand as imposing structures on the landscape in Wethersfield, NY. The turbines were erected in 2002 and stand 273 feet from base to blade tip, over 100 feet shorter than the newly erected turbines nearby in Eagle, NY. Each turbine is rated for 660KW (6.6MW for all 10 in total). The photograph was taken from approximately 2 miles away with no zoom.
17 Oct 2008
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