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Wind farm project may avoid Oswego County

A few Oswego County legislators have said that the project would necessitate placing monopole structures on sections of county land, thus tarnishing the aesthetic and other aspects of the county. ...However, according to Jefferson County Legislature Chairman Kenneth Blankenbush, the project may avoid Oswego County altogether if the public service commission opts for an alternative route.
11 Feb 2010

Wind moratorium to continue in Bath

A ban on any industrial wind-related activity in the town of Bath will continue until May, following the town board's approval Monday. Board members voted, 3-0, in favor of extending their current moratorium to allow more study of a wind law and a road-use agreement. Councilmen Dean Kropp and Robin Lattimer did not attend the meeting.
11 Feb 2010

New line will need months to plan; Reworked route would head to outer Coffeen

The Galloo Island Wind Farm will take several months to work out details on a new route for a transmission line from the island. Upstate NY Power Corp. agreed with Jefferson County legislators to change its preferred route from one in which the line would make landfall on Stony Point and traverse the southern part of the county on the way to a substation in the town of Mexico.
10 Feb 2010

Town of Aurora to study wind-energy code issue

For the next six months, the Town of Aurora will closely study wind energy and how the town should address the issue in its code. As expected, the Town Board on Monday approved a six-month moratorium on wind towers after a proposal late last year from Albert "Bill" Miller to put up a 153-foot-tall tower on his Bailey Road property stirred debate among town officials and drew criticism from an Emery Road neighbor.
9 Feb 2010

Opponents organizing to fight wind plans

Legislators and other officials from Jefferson and Oswego counties will begin mounting opposition to New York Power Authority's proposal to put 500 megawatts of wind energy development in Lake Ontario. Jefferson County Legislature Chairman Kenneth D. Blankenbush, R-Black River, said they first will find out more about the proposal and then organize to oppose a widespread project.
9 Feb 2010

Agreement reached on Cape wind ordinance

A compromise between existing language and more restrictive setbacks left the requirements for turbines that they be placed no closer than 2,500 feet south of Route 12E between the village and Clayton, and east from County Route 6; and no closer than 3,000 feet from the village boundaries. The turbines would not be allowed to raise the sound levels more than 8 decibels above the background noise at non-participating residents' property lines.
7 Feb 2010

On PILOTs and wind farms, our motto should be 'be prepared'

Wind developers are here because they can make money. Right now, thanks to tax incentives and public policy, wind power is profitable in New York state. We have exactly what the wind farm investors need... They have fewer choices than they might want us to believe, and for every deal we lose, another will come to take its place. If wind farms are coming, or at least prospective wind farm developers, we need to be ready for them and reap the benefits on our terms. To them, it's just money. To us, it's our home.
7 Feb 2010

Opinions shift on Rochester-area wind farms

Some say the shine has worn off an industry that in many communities had been welcomed both for its green image and its ability to pump money into the local economy. "I'm detecting a shift in the climate of opinion," said Gary Abraham, a Cattaraugus County lawyer who has represented citizen groups in litigation related to wind projects.
6 Feb 2010

Henderson suing over Galloo OK

The town of Henderson is asking a judge to annul the town of Hounsfield Planning Board's site plan approval for the proposed Galloo Island Wind Farm. The Henderson Town Council filed a state Supreme Court Article 78 proceeding Friday at the Jefferson County clerk's office against Hounsfield, the project's developer, Upstate NY Power Corp., Seneca, and the state Department of Environmental Conservation.
6 Feb 2010

County could be spared from hosting power lines

Oswego County officials said they are breathing a sigh of relief after learning a proposed high-power transmission line might be running though existing lines in the City of Watertown instead of the Village of Pulaski. Upstate Power has proposed to construct a wind farm on Galloo Island, off the shore in Hounsfield, along with a new power line with the capability of transporting 1,000 megawatts south to service downstate consumers.
6 Feb 2010

Transmission line to cross Hounsfield

The town that's getting the financial benefits of the proposed Galloo Island Wind Farm likely also will get one major drawback - the need to provide a route for a transmission line. Hounsfield is now the likely site for landfall so the transmission line from the 252-megawatt project can avoid southern Jefferson County and Oswego County, and the need for eminent domain. That was a stumbling block for some county legislators.
5 Feb 2010

Wind PILOT; Approval doesn't answer questions

The irresponsible decision by the Jefferson County Legislature approving a tax abatement plan for the Galloo Island Wind Farm leaves unresolved several issues that will bedevil the county for years to come. A last-minute offer of another $3.5 million in community benefits by Upstate NY Power Corp. sweetened the deal sufficiently to win the eight votes needed for county approval of a 20-year payment-in-lieu-of-taxes plan for the project. But that does not end the dispute.
4 Feb 2010

Community organization challenges wind farm law

In the Wyoming County town of Orangeville frustrated residents are surrounded on three sides with wind farms in neighboring towns. Unable to get their own town to look at growing research on wind turbine noise and the degree to which visual blight hurts local property values, today they filed a lawsuit against the town board.
4 Feb 2010

AG invited into local wind issue; Beekmantown seeks opinion on applicability of local law

The Beekmantown Town Council will seek a cost-free, informal opinion from the State Attorney General's Office regarding the legality of Penn Energy's proposed wind project. At the town's first regular meeting of the year, newly elected Councilor Mike Morales motioned to have State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office weigh in on the project and its legal standing.
3 Feb 2010

PILOT came with promises by developer

Some last-minute wheeling and dealing paved the way for the 8-7 vote by the Jefferson County Board of Legislators passing the Galloo Island Wind Farm payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement. Galloo Island Wind Farm developer Upstate NY Power Corp agreed to put $3 million in a community grant fund and $500,000 in a scholarship fund, made job guarantees.
3 Feb 2010

Galloo Wind Farm PILOT approved

The proposed payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement for Galloo Island Wind Farm passed the Jefferson County Board of Legislators on an 8-7 vote Tuesday night. The final vote on the PILOT will come Thursday morning from the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency board of directors. After that, the developer will be free to seek financing for the project with a guaranteed reduced amount for property taxes.
3 Feb 2010
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