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Tests conducted to reduce turbine noise; Herkimer County site uses quieting software on wind power units

The turbines, at 476 feet, are the tallest in the state so far. The two towns also were the first in the state to require sound testing of turbines after construction, rather than relying solely on pre-construction models to predict sound levels. ...Tests at the Hardscabble farm done in the spring and winter of 2011 found noise levels from the turbines were spiking as high as 60 decibles, Melewski said.
14 Jul 2012

Letter to the Wyoming County New York Board of Supervisors

June4_letter_to_wyo_county_bd_of_supervisors-v4_thumb This informative letter with proposed resolution, compiled and signed by 166 citizens, residents and landowners of Wyoming County New York, was sent to the sixteen Wyoming County Supervisors as well as NY's congressional delegation. An excerpt of the letter appears below along with the resolution the signers were hoping to see adopted by the County. The full letter can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
4 Jun 2012

On the Bus to Hardscrabble Wind Farm

In the winter, the red light reflects off the white snow and can be seen for miles. Salamone has talked to a realtor about selling his property, and the realtor told him his asking price is about $90,000 too high now that the wind turbines have been installed. A neighbor has simply moved away, without even trying to sell his property, because he couldn’t stand living under the turbines.
28 Apr 2012

Wind turbine noise disturbs camp serenity

We own a camp near Lowville and those wind towers have ruined the serenity of the area. I cried the first night we spent at our camp after the turbines were turned on. It was in the spring with all the windows closed. I couldn't sleep with the constant whump, whump, whump of the towers all night long.
16 Feb 2012

Ill winds in wind-towers' payment dispute hit home

The legal notice the couple received by certified mail last Wednesday detailed 33 additional individual or municipal property owners and companies - including the city of Little Falls and at least two other land owners who have no ties or connections to the wind power company - who have had claims filed against their properties.
13 Apr 2011

Panel: spread wind's rewards

Contrary to assertions by St. Lawrence Wind Farm's developer, Acciona Wind Energy USA, in the final environmental impact statement, the report said, "Indications are there will be an overall decrease in property values with the potential for significant negative impact on assessments and related factors such as tax rates and the ability to market property at a fair price." ...The report also finds that tourism likely would be hurt by wind turbines.
19 Oct 2010
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