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Ensure wind projects free of conflicts

It's occurred in different corners of New York state, and now the question's been raised in the Herkimer County town of Litchfield. Is it proper for gigantic wind turbines to be approved by towns whose own officials might stand to gain financially from the projects? If we are to uphold the principles of good government, then the answer must be "no."
23 Aug 2010

JCIDA board approves uniform tax-exempt policy

All involved taxing jurisdictions will have to vote for payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreements for wind power projects before they are finalized by the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency. The agency's board agreed on the proposed uniform tax-exempt policy during its meeting Thursday morning.
6 Aug 2010

Legislators clarify position on offshore wind turbines

Lawmakers in attendance at Tuesday's meeting of the legislature's Economic Development and Planning Committee took issue with a story published in that day's issue of The Palladium-Times that stated, "Discussions by area officials regarding the development of a wind turbine farm based in the Oswego County waters of Lake Ontario have not blown over." They have blown over, legislators said, during a sometimes contentious discussion.
31 Jul 2010

Legislators won't revisit Great Lakes wind project

The legislature voted in March to oppose a New York Power Authority project that would locate dozens of wind turbines in Lake Ontario. A proposal made by New York Power Authority called for the construction, siting and operation of wind-turbine facilities in Lake Erie and/or Lake Ontario's eastern basin. The project would include inland transmission lines.
21 Jul 2010

Offshore wind gets an opponent in Monroe

According to the Niagara Gazette account, some Niagara County lawmakers now are talking about rescinding their endorsement, and other elected officials are openly hostile to the idea. State Sen. George Maziarz, R-Newfane, Niagara County, apparently provided the most colorful commentary, comparing authority president Richard Kessel to "P.T. Barnum, a carnival barker," according to the Gazette.
14 Jul 2010

Energy plan too costly

The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 -- also known as the "cap and trade" bill -- will harm manufacturing jobs and farming by dramatically increasing energy costs, said Gibson, the Republican candidate for the 20th Congressional District seat. The House, with the vote of incumbent Rep. Scott Murphy, passed the bill with a 219-212 vote a year ago. The Senate hasn't voted on the bill.
26 Jun 2010

Legislature debates wind towers; County lawmakers oppose Lake Erie site

The Chautauqua County Legislature opposes the development of offshore wind power in Lake Erie. Legislators passed a motion opposing the New York Power Authority's proposal to develop wind-generating projects in the Great Lakes during its April meeting. The item was one of the last pieces of business on the legislature's agenda during the marathon four-hour long meeting.
16 May 2010

Jefferson legislators lash out at NYPA

Jefferson County legislators lashed out Friday at New York Power Authority President and Chief Executive Officer Richard M. Kessel after he said the authority won't buy power from any wind farms in the county. "It's an example of how downstate politics tries to pressure upstate New York into agreements and situations that we don't want," said Chairman Kenneth D. Blankenbush, R-Black River.
8 May 2010

Orleans wind panel report set for release

The Orleans wind economics committee will have a report in the next month on the effects of a commercial wind power development on different aspects of the town. The Town Council created the committee in February to help it understand the economics of wind power projects.
24 Apr 2010

Too early to pick sides in offshore wind turbine controversy

As talk of putting huge wind turbines in Lake Ontario revs up, it's too early for citizens, businesses and governments to pick sides. That's because there are still too many unknowns, such as how many and where the wind turbines would be placed, how visible they would be from the shore, and what the impact would be on fishermen, boaters and birds.
19 Apr 2010

Lawmakers letting the air out of wind power project

The possibility of the nation's first fresh water wind turbine farm located near Oswego County is turning bleak. The Joint Commission for the Preservation of Lake Ontario Communities met Thursday to discuss the project. However, no members of the agency that proposed the project were present. ..."If this project comes to fruition, we are going to have to retool our businesses," Williams said. "Because there isn't going to be any sports fishing left here. "The view would be irreparably damaged," he added.
8 Mar 2010

Barclay: Too many questions remain to allow wind mills on Lake Ontario

Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I-Pulaski) said today too many questions remain unanswered for windmills to be allowed to be built along the Lake Ontario shoreline. The New York Power Authority announced in December 2009 it is accepting requests for proposals (RFPs) from prospective wind mill companies to construct wind turbines along Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The period for proposals to be accepted will come to a close in March.
8 Mar 2010

Bill would encourage solar, wind power

A measure to promote expanded use of solar- and wind-powered electricity-generation systems has been approved by both legislative chambers in Albany. Sen. Betty Little (R-Queensbury) said the bill, which she co-sponsored, changes the current net-metering law to remove restrictions that prevented many non-residential customers from taking part.
26 Feb 2010

Galloo Wind Farm PILOT approved

The proposed payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement for Galloo Island Wind Farm passed the Jefferson County Board of Legislators on an 8-7 vote Tuesday night. The final vote on the PILOT will come Thursday morning from the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency board of directors. After that, the developer will be free to seek financing for the project with a guaranteed reduced amount for property taxes.
3 Feb 2010

PILOT came with promises by developer

Some last-minute wheeling and dealing paved the way for the 8-7 vote by the Jefferson County Board of Legislators passing the Galloo Island Wind Farm payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement. Galloo Island Wind Farm developer Upstate NY Power Corp agreed to put $3 million in a community grant fund and $500,000 in a scholarship fund, made job guarantees.
3 Feb 2010

Don't sacrifice our mountains to save the planet

Today, we are confronted by the crisis of climate change. Descriptions are so fearful, confusing, and occasionally contradictory that it's hard to know what to think. We each try to do what we can to reduce our personal impact on the earth, and ponder how to preserve the planet from a catastrophic fate that could be imminent and irreversible. For many people, renewable energy has become the panacea: producing power from wind, trees, grasses, and the sun.
1 Feb 2010
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