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Towns counter wind farms = Stamford board passes moratorium; Bovina residents seek renewal of ban

The town of Stamford is the latest area community to halt commercial wind-farm development. A moratorium passed by the Stamford Town Board last week is likely a prelude to a local law regulating the giant turbines, a councilwoman said Sunday. "The purpose of the moratorium is to give us time to look at which legislation is legal," Councilwoman Katherine M. Engert said. "It came together within a month. We had a huge uprising here."
21 Aug 2006

Italy law would ban wind turbines

ITALY - Local residents' concerns - and possible litigation - have prompted town officials to include an industrial wind turbine ban in the zoning law they're formulating. It had already included regulations on setback and height but now calls for an all-out ban, as well.
17 Aug 2006

Cherry Valley adopts 90-day moratorium - Previous vote regarding wind project not legally binding, supervisor says

At a special meeting Tuesday night, the Cherry Valley town Board voted unanimously to adopt a 90-day moratorium on major development. The moratorium will allow the town board enough time to adopt rules to regulate Reunion Power’s proposed wind farm on East Hill, according to Cherry Valley Town Supervisor Thomas Garretson.
17 Aug 2006

SEQRA process is neither fair nor comprehensive

A recent letter in the Daily News regarding the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) on July 25th stated, "The SEQRA process is a fair, sensible, and comprehensive review process ... in which all potential impacts are systematically studied according to standardized guidelines." Goldman Sach's (the parent company of Horizon) corporate policy states, "Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do." However, policies and business practices witnessed to date in the ongoing battle over the reckless siting of industrial turbines in residential areas have not been consistent with ethical procedure at all.
14 Aug 2006

Wind turbine plan sweeping forward - Opposition dealt a blow as second tower OK'd in the Adirondacks

Yet opposition is growing in the Adirondacks against the project. Environmentalists have never agreed on it -- Greenpeace supports it, while organizations closer to home including the Adirondack Council and the Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks -- don't want it, for the most part because of its visual impact.
12 Aug 2006

CV board rejects one-year moratorium

CHERRY VALLEY — By a 2-to-1 vote Monday night, the Cherry Valley Town Board opted not to institute a 12-month moratorium on major development. The vote clears the way for the town’s Planning Board to consider a $100 million proposal by Reunion Power of Manchester, Vt., to erect 24 wind turbines on East Hill. The board’s vote came at the end of an emotionally charged public hearing in the town garage attended by more than 200 people and lasting longer than 3½ hours. The town’s two councilmen, Fabian Bressett and James Johnson, voted against the moratorium, while Supervisor Tom Garretson voted for it, Garretson said late Monday night.
1 Aug 2006

Beekmantown handling wind-power as it should

That is what Beekmantown has done. The board has set a moratorium on any construction until next April. In the meantime, the necessary research and discussion will ensue. This is as it should be..........But it is only attractive if it can be harvested in a manner that is not intrusive to neighbors or the landscape. The Town of Beekmantown seems poised to find out once and for all whether the proposal is compatible with residents' interests.
30 Jul 2006

Why I Voted Against Windpower

To some, my vote against wind power in Malone was a vote against progress; however, be assured that this decision was based on hundreds of hours of study and research, as well as numerous mathematical calculations backed by years of business experience and a graduate degree in physics. This vote was against the degradation of local property values, destruction of some wonderful viewsheds, lowering the quality of life of some local residents, and the accruing of millions of dollars of NY taxpayer dollars by a few wind developers.
22 Jul 2006

Public hearing attracts crowd: Residents, board members contemplate wind law for three hours Thursday night

“As of right now there is no zoning and no land use law in place,” Pullen said. “That means if someone wants to build windmills you have no way to stop it. I was asked to create one that allows the town board to consider each project. “As soon as this has been adopted, every potential windmill would be required to submit an application,” he added, saying projects would have to meet a certain set of standards. “Since no one has had any project approved by anyone, this would apply to any project.”
22 Jul 2006

Panel shoots the breeze about wind power

David Gibson, executive director of The Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks, agreed that the ecological treasures New York could lose in the wake of wind farm construction and operation are too great to risk just for the generation of green power. "We all, everyone in this room probably, are committed to moving us toward a more sustainable path," Gibson said. "We all want clean, green, much more friendly habits, but we don't think tall industrial structures on ridge lines anywhere is good public policy."
22 Jul 2006

Critics Raise Concerns At Scoping Meeting

The West Babylon High School auditorium was packed with many Babylon area residents and others from surrounding communities on the South Shore on July 10 for a public hearing regarding Long Island Power Authority’s wind park proposal. Many local residents, town officials and New York State legislators stated their opposition to the project, citing environmental concerns and expenses that would be detrimental to taxpayers in the future.
21 Jul 2006

Schism widening on wind farm plan

"Last night was a shocker," Nicolette Nye, a spokeswoman for Minerals Management, said Tuesday after the first night of hearings. She has conducted similar hearings on projects up and down the East Coast, she said, including on Cape Cod, where another controversial wind farm is proposed. But she said nothing had prepared her for Long Island. "People here are much more...passionate."
17 Jul 2006
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