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Atty Radner letter on conflict of interest

Radner_to_burke_letter12-27-07_thumb This letter was submitted to the Town Clerk of Burke, NY to be entered into the official record of the Town Board's deliberation of a Wind Energy Facilities Law. Carl J. Madonna is the attorney representing the town in the matter of the local law. The town board voted at its Dec 27, 2007 meeting to impose a 90-day moratorium on wind energy facilities.
27 Dec 2007

NY Supreme Court decision on Matter of Brander v Town of Warren, etc., Jordanville Wind LLC and Community Energy, Inc.

Nyarticle78decision_thumb Petitioners are residents and landowners in the Towns of Warren and Stark, who challenge two special use permits issued in June of 2007 by the respondent town boards authorizing the construction of the Jordanville Wind Power Project. This Article 78 petition seeks to annul and vacate actions taken and determinations made by the respondent town boards, alleging a violation of, inter alia, the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and the Open Meetings Law. The proposed project is for the construction a 68 turbine wind farm in the [*2]subject towns in Herkimer County which, when fully operational, will generate 136 megawatts of electric power from the wind which will be introduced into the New York State Electric Grid.
7 Dec 2007

Guidelines for conducting bird and bat studies at commerical wind energy projects

Drwindguide1207_thumb The Department of Environmental Conservation has released for public review proposed Guidelines for Conducting Bird and Bat Studies at Commercial Wind Energy Projects. These guidelines inform potential wind developers of the information DEC needs about wind farm sites to assess impacts to birds and bats. The guidelines were developed through a stakeholder process sponsored by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority which included industry representatives as well as bird and bat biologists from government agencies, academia and non-governmental environmental groups. Comments will be received until March 7, 2008 via mail to Brianna Gary, NYSDEC Bureau of Habitat, 625 Broadway 5th Floor, Albany, NY 12233-4756 or via email.
1 Dec 2007

New York PSC Decision - Jordonville Wind (Iberdrola)

Pscdecisionjordanville_08_23_2007_thumb New York's Public Service Commission's decision to grant Jordanville Wind, LLC a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity Pursuant to Section 68 of the Public Service Law. The PSC ordered Jordonville Wind (Iberdrola) to remove 19 turbines thereby reducing the tower count to 49, due to the adverse impact on areas of historic significance and the scenic quality of the setting. An excerpt of the decision (p. 18 of 35) follows.
23 Aug 2007

Maple Ridge Wind Power Avian and Bat Fatality Study Year One Report FINAL REPORT

Mapleridgereportfall2006final_thumb The following report describes the research design, initiation and completion of the first year of postconstruction study (fall migration only) of avian and bat collision fatalities at the 120 turbine Maple Ridge Wind Power Project in Lewis County, New York. The work was conducted in accordance with the “Proposed Scope of Work for a Postconstruction Avian and Bat Fatality Study at the Maple Ridge Wind Power Project, Lewis County, New York” dated March 14, 2006, and agreed upon in mid-May 2006, after several revisions. People/agencies who reviewed the proposed scope of work included staffers from the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACE), Environmental Design and Research (EDR), NYS DEC staffers, developers (PPM and Horizon), and others. Representatives from some or all of these groups have been included in a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which has the responsibility of reviewing and commenting on progress reports, annual reports, and other updates from this project.
25 Jun 2007

NY DEC comments on DGEIS for Horse Creek wind power project

Nysdec_ppmjefferson_thumb The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) reviewed the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) for PPM's Horse Creek wind facility proposed for the New York towns of Clayton and Orleans, Jefferson County. The project consists of approximately 62 wind turbines (130 MW) with 54 turbines in the Town of Clayton and 8 turbines in the Town of Orleans. The project scope also includes construction of two permanent meteorological (met) towers, an operations and maintenance facility, approximately 16 miles of gravel access roads and approximately 28 miles of buried electric collection lines, and an interconnection substation adjacent to the existing electric transmission line.
15 Jun 2007

A Critical Evaluation of the Energy Plans and Actions Announced in April 2007

1_critical_evalutation_of_new_york_energy_plans_061207_thumb This brief paper reviews and evaluates key aspects of energy policies and plans announced by New York State officials, and contrasts their electricity plans with those of the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) which is responsible for the reliability of New York's electricity grid. Both sets of plans have major implications for the people of New York.
12 Jun 2007

Evaluation of Environmental Shadow Flicker: Analysis for “Dutch Hill Wind Power Project”

Shadowflickeranalysisofupcwind_cohocton_sdeis_2b_rbolton_thumb Two industrial wind turbine farms are proposed by parent UPC Wind Partners for the town of Cohocton, NY and will permanently alter the town. The large blades on MW scale turbines can at certain times produce moving shadows on the landscape or create distracting flicker on the scenery. To capture the wind these turbines are to be installed on hilltops around the town and thus have significant potential to create a shadow flicker nuisance at great distances from the turbines. All environmental effects of projects require consideration and possible mitigation. Siting selection is important since wind turbines are a permanent installation and may significantly impair resident’s enjoyment of neighboring lands or even personal health.
30 Jan 2007

Evaluation of Supplemental Environmental Shadow Flicker Analysis for “Cohocton Wind Power Project”

Appendixa_shadowflicker_thumb Large scale shadow flicker is a phenomenon, not experienced by people on an “industrial scale”, with football field-sized shadows moving across their home or through their local views. This report prepared by physicist Rick Bolton examines the problems with the shadow flicker modeling at a proposed site in New York State. A portion of the report is provided below. The full report can be accessed by clicking the link on this page.
30 Jan 2007

Evaluation of Environmental Noise Analysis for “Dairy Hills Wind Farm”

Noise_analysis_of_dairy_hills_windfarm-1b__rbolton_thumb Industrial wind turbine farms are proposed for the towns of Perry, Covington and Warsaw, NY that will permanently alter the towns. Large turbines create strong noise levels not only from wind through the blades but largely by the turbine mechanisms themselves. To capture the wind these turbines are to be installed on hill tops around the town and thus have significant potential to create a noise nuisance. Wind turbine noise added to the prevailing ambient background sound is an important environmental consideration when siting wind turbines since they are a permanent installation and may significantly impair resident’s enjoyment of neighboring lands or even personal health. Also, relevant consideration of noise impacts and mitigation measures are a specific requirement of a NY State Environmental Quality Review procedure, required before approval of permits.
16 Oct 2006
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