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Dix delays action on wind farm law

Following a public hearing attended by 25 people, the Dix town board chose to not take action on the proposed wind farm regulations Monday, April 27. Residents from both inside and outside the town of Dix voiced their concerns, which ranged from health and wildlife impacts to property values and setbacks.
29 Apr 2015

Catlin residents draft wind farm regulations

It calls for wind companies to post bonds to cover any decrease in residents’ property values from having turbines near their land. It would also make the companies liable for medical bills caused by health impacts such as noise exposure and shadow flicker, a strobe-like effect created by spinning turbine blades said to cause seizures and other issues.
12 Mar 2015

Some residents voice opposition to wind project at Yates Town Board meeting

“If this project goes forward, all that will be accomplished is us giving millions of tax dollars to a multi-million dollar company to screw up our town ... A project of this scope and magnitude has no place in Yates, or anywhere else for that matter. What we need is sound, systematic commercial and residential growth, not wind farms.” 
13 Feb 2015

When too big is an issue

This sudden political wind shift has its roots in local citizen opposition based on concerns about noise, visual blight and environmental issues. It also springs from fears the state could usurp town authority ...But at the bottom of it all is a sense of unease over any project that seems, well, just way too big, too complicated or too difficult to control.
23 Nov 2014

Catlin eyes windfarm ban

Catlin officials had been close to enacting new regulations limiting where the turbines - which would be 430 feet tall - could be located.  However, the town is now moving toward an outright ban instead, said Catlin Town Supervisor Laverne Phelps.
21 Nov 2014

Catlin board to vote on wind farm law

Joseph Calderone, who is mounting a write-in campaign for town supervisor, said, “The wind turbine law doesn’t meet the smell test economically, scientifically, politically and, most importantly, personally. Of the two town halls (meetings) I have attended, not one person has walked up to the microphone and extolled the virtues of wind, the law or the town’s plans for the community.”
8 Oct 2014

Moratorium on wind-turbine projects

Councilor Nancy Montgomery said she senses “the region is wanting to embrace this clean energy. But we have to make sure we can deal with all the challenges we’re going to have to face.” The town must devise a policy and “this is a good way to do it, so we do it right,” she said.
25 Nov 2013

Richfield supervisor balks at wind plan

Re-elected Tuesday as Richfield Town Supervisor, Fran Enjem said Friday that he has serious reservations with an agreement offered by the developers of a planned wind farm project, saying it fails to adequately protect his community. Enjem’s resistance to the host agreement is one of two last remaining obstacles facing the Monticello Hills wind farm.
9 Nov 2013

Cape officials seek PSC intervention as BP clams up pending sale of wind projects

“BP has had our town twisting in the winds of uncertainty since 2006. Please try to provide us with some relief by insisting that an applicant presuming to be moving forward under Article X not be permitted to circle over a town indefinitely,” town officials said in their letter Friday. BP Wind Energy has become increasingly uncommunicative.
20 Oct 2013

Seeking Input from Expert on Sound, ZBA Puts Off Decision on Wind Turbine

"Wind turbines are an allowable use under the new zoning" code adopted in 2011, Dee observed in opening the hearing. However, after adoption of the code, "there were a lot of questions raised." He said the Town Board intends to revisit the issue and update the zoning law as needed, a view echoed by Town Board Member John Van Tassel, liaison to the ZBA.
15 Sep 2013
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