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Stretch of Route 3 closed after turbine base detaches from rig

State police closed a portion of Route 3, from Bolton Road to Benton Road, for about three hours Wednesday after the base of a wind turbine and the trailer it was attached to became unlatched from the rig hauling the oversized load. Both the trailer and turbine overturned and rolled into a nearby cornfield, state police said.
17 Sep 2009

Wind Turbines Interfering with Doppler Radar at the Airport

The National Weather Service says a wind farm in Wyoming County is interfering with its doppler radar at the Buffalo Airport. ...Unfortunately, the Wyoming county wind farms and their turbines are within the radar line of sight (RLOS) of the NWS doppler radar in Cheektowaga. ...At this height, the rotating turbine blades of the wind farm impact the KBUF Doppler Radar beam.
18 Jun 2009

National Geographic Channel films Fenner windmill repair

A Fenner windmill will be featured on the National Geographic Channel. Crews from the network's "World's Toughest Fixes" program visited the top of the Bellinger Road hill this week to film blade repairs on one of the turbines at the Fenner Wind Farm. ...The blade damage was attributed to lightning strikes, insects, precipitation and air resistance. The cracks in the 10-year-old blade got a little bigger since they were first reported, said Kevin Thompson of Skala.
4 Jun 2009

Cracked blades lead to likely showdown between town, First Wind

With construction ramping up again unexpectedly in Cohocton, town officials are looking at their legal options in keeping the work by developer First Wind in line with agreements signed between the parties - even if it means a court date. Town Supervisor Jack Zigenfus announced at Monday night's town board meeting major work is being performed on the 50-turbine wind-powered electricity generation project on Pine, Lent and Dutch hills.
19 May 2009

Steelwinds turbines undergo repair -- again

Steelwinds_repairs_thumb Turbines at the Steelwinds facility in Lackawanna, New York are undergoing substantial repair -- again. The Steelwinds Project went online in the summer 2007 with eight Clipper 2.5 megawatt turbines. The project was the first to use the Clipper units, touted as the new standard for reliable performance. By late summer 2007, the facility was shut down due to damage in the turbine gear boxes ( ) The repairs occurred in early 2008. This photo taken May 12, 2009 shows the facility down again. First Wind, formerly UPC Wind, has provided no information on the root cause of the turbine failure.
12 May 2009

PSC probes wind tower collapse, fire; Debris analysis, other information from Clinton County incident sought

State investigators from the Public Service Commission are looking into the fiery collapse of a wind power turbine at a turbine farm in Clinton County. A preliminary examination by Nobel Environmental Power, owner of the $200 million, 65-turbine Altona Wind Park, and General Electric Co., manufacturer of the 1.5-megawatt turbines, found "wiring anomalies" prevented two turbines from shutting down as designed during a power outage.
12 Mar 2009

Noble response far from noble

But Noble should have been prepared to answer, as best they could, questions the public was frantic to ask. The public deserved the courtesy of reassurances that the company was earnestly trying to get that vital information for everyone's peace of mind. We're disappointed in Noble's response to the first calamity here of the wind-farm era. We certainly hope we can expect better in the future, with or without a calamity.
12 Mar 2009

"Wiring anomaly" found in fallen turbine

Noble Environmental Power officials say they have detected a "wiring anomaly" in two Altona wind turbines, including the one that snapped in half last Friday. As the preliminary investigation continues into how a massive turbine suddenly collapsed, Noble officials said this week that the entire wind park experienced a loss of power Friday and that two of its 65 turbines apparently malfunctioned.
10 Mar 2009

Residents shocked by wind-turbine collapse

Many residents were shocked that a massive wind-turbine could come tumbling down and officials say it could take months to learn why one collapsed Friday. Mike Fellion flew over the wreckage Saturday morning and was amazed to see that pieces of the structure appeared to have been thrown "about a quarter-mile away."
7 Mar 2009

Noble Environmental Power confirms Altona turbine collapse

Noble Environmental Power has confirmed that a turbine collapsed at its Altona, N.Y., wind park Friday morning, but said no one was injured in the collapse and ensuing fire. In a statement released by the company Friday, company spokeswoman Maggy Wisniewski confirmed one turbine had collapsed and that a small fire resulted, but she refused to speak on the record with a NewsChannel 5 reporter.
6 Mar 2009

Ice-Tossing Turbines: Myth or Hazard?

The wind industry concedes that, as with all tall things (buildings, for example, or trees), ice and snow can build up and, eventually, fall down, creating a hazard to people and structures below. But the industry denies that "ice-throwing" - another concern surrounding wind power - is a problem. ...But a 2006 publication by G.E. Energy, a maker of large wind turbines, warns that "rotating turbine blades may propel ice fragments some distance from the turbine - up to several hundred meters if conditions are right."
11 Dec 2008

Protect public, expand Cape setbacks

Protection of the public must be paramount. After reading the Cape Vincent engineers' recommendation of 1,200-foot setback from public roads, I was astonished to read one of the committee member's comments, "The chances are so minuscule. I don't see why putting these restrictions on these roads is reasonable." My response is: it is not a chance I want to take with my family, friends or fellow citizens. So why did they choose a 1,000-foot setback instead of 1,200 feet?
4 Dec 2008

Increased setbacks recommended for Enfield wind law; County's advice could stop wind farm project near Connecticut Hill

The setbacks in the proposed Enfield wind law are not large enough, according to a letter from the Tompkins County Planning Department to Town Supervisor Frank Podufalski, but following that advice could kill the wind farm proposal for a site near Connecticut Hill. The planning department recommends increased setbacks between property lines and the wind towers ...If the Enfield Town Board does not adopt the recommendations, it will need a supermajority, which means four votes on the five-member board, to pass the proposal into law.
12 Nov 2008

Turbine blades' route through city is not bum steer by trucking company

It turns out that recent shipments of king-size wind turbine blades that cut through the heart of downtown Buffalo were not off course after all. Mary Joyce Permits of Randolph, which plotted the delivery trucks' course and arranged escort vehicles, purposely steered the bulky loads from the Peace Bridge, down Niagara Street to Niagara Square and up Delaware Avenue. ..."It's not ideal, but we've got the required city permits, and we'll continue to bring them through downtown until the construction situation changes," she said.
18 Oct 2008

Cleanup of oil spill is finished

The oil cleanup at Dawson Point near Marysville was finished Friday afternoon, but residents in the area are still not allowed to drink from their wells. ...About 396 gallons of diesel fuel was spilled Wednesday morning during fueling of the Sea Hound, a tugboat operated by Nadro Marine Services Ltd., a contractor based in Port Drove, Ontario. ...The tugboats are used to push barges loaded with supplies and parts from Ogdensburg for Canadian Hydro Developers Inc.'s 86-turbine Wolfe Island Wind Project. So far, 28 wind turbines have arrived.
4 Oct 2008
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