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Don't believe claims about wind power

Much of what used to be one of the most beautiful areas in New York has been turned into a sprawling industrial wind factory. Many of my friends' homes have been rendered virtually worthless. Let's be real. Would you buy and move your family into a home with towers that are 430-plus feet tall, with 7-ton blades spinning overhead, only hundreds of feet from your home?
23 Aug 2013

The devil went down to Orangeville… Selling out our town...

As this letter is being written, people are being assaulted with massive amounts of construction noise and diesel fumes. Complaints from citizens are scoffed at by company and town government alike. Country roads are disintegrating because they are not meant to take the abuse of commercial trucks loaded with thousands of tons of industrial wind turbines, blades, nacelles, cement and stone. The Devil laughs ...
17 Aug 2013

Tranquility of family land in jeopardy in Orangeville

In the background, the usual sound of birds is replaced by unnatural sounds of gravel trucks dumping their loads for a nearby wind-turbine access road. ...our 43-story wind machines will tower over their property. Four sets of blinking lights will break up the night's dark sky. There will be constant rumble of blades rotating.
12 Jul 2013

Windmill fight continues

Several dozen residents once again picketed and stood outside a town of Allegany Planning Board meeting Monday in protest of EverPower Wind LLC, which has proposed to build a 29-turbine wind farm in Chipmonk and Knapp Creek.
9 Jul 2013

Where to go from here -- An open letter

An unsolicited multi-national corporation decided that it wanted to use the wind resource in our Town and turn the township into a platform for profits. For the past five years a citizens' group has fought hard to preserve the rural and local nature of Orangeville. Many legitimate issues were raised ...But big money is now turning Orangeville into a "Company-Owned Town'.
7 Jul 2013

To vote, or not to vote: Cape Vincent seasonal voters faced with a dilemma

The registration change by the Fischers and hundreds of other seasonal residents helped re-elect Supervisor Urban C. Hirschey and replaced pro-wind councilmen, with ties to wind lease holders, with past members of an anti-wind turbine group. But the Fischers paid a price. They lost up to $400 in STAR (School Tax Relief) rebates at their residence in Canandaigua.
21 Mar 2013

60 Herkimer Co. residents file lawsuit against wind farm owner

Frustrated by the wind farm that some residents say drives them "crazy," 60 Middleville, Fairfield and Norway residents have filed a lawsuit in state Supreme Court against the entities responsible for its construction, namely Iberdrola Renewables. "A lot of it has to do with the effect that it's having in being in close proximity to the residences," said Jeff DeFrancisco, an attorney from DeFrancisco & Flagiatano Law Firm of Syracuse.
10 Nov 2012

Against the wind; Cuomo should demand health study

Gov. Cuomo last month ordered state officials to study the health effects of hydraulic fracturing - and so continued to prevent drillers from exploiting the Marcellus Shale. But if he's truly interested in public health, the governor must also put a freeze on wind-energy projects in New York until their health impact can be gauged.
17 Oct 2012

Fairfield residents given noise generators to drown out sound of windmills

Tobin says people don't realize what it's like to try to try and sleep at night with these windmills going around and around when everything else is quiet. Tobin said, "I've had a few friends of mine that came up ...they said 'well that aint nothin'. When they sat there and were were talking, they said 'my gosh, how the heck do you put up with this'. Yea, cause it's constant. It don't go away. It sounds like a plane that never stops. It just goes and goes and goes."
16 Jul 2012
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