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New York Wind falls short... again

Nys-windgen-2009-2013_thumb By the end of 2013, wind energy represented 94% of the fuel used to meet New York State's RPS mandate. Twenty wind power plants are operating in the state with an installed capacity of 1,730 megawatts. We've been tracking NY's wind production figures since 2009 and its performance has not improved.  
28 Apr 2014

Iberdrola back on track with Clayton wind project

“Poor economic conditions, coupled with regulatory uncertainty at the federal and state level, have limited wind development at many projects across the country, including ours here in Jefferson County,” project manager Jenny L. Briot said in her recent letter to Clayton Town Supervisor Justin A. Taylor. In December, the developer notified the state Public Service Commission of its intent to seek a state Article X siting review.
22 Oct 2013

No windfall

The lesson of the Galloo tax deal should be clear in the minds of county legislators. It was an expensive concession that resulted in no benefit to the county, school and town governments. Jefferson County leaders should prepare themselves to tell all wind developers that they already have all the tax breaks they need to prosper and that the county will not add property tax relief to the parade of federal subsidies.
30 Dec 2012

New York procurement delay frustrates wind energy developers

"We are continuing to explore approaches to minimize risks to New York," says NYSERDA spokesperson Alan Wechsler. "The possible expiration of the federal production tax credit - a major revenue source for wind developers - and other market development trends led to a more complicated procurement situation, and approval and issuance are taking longer than we originally projected."
26 Sep 2012

Junk on the horizon - Steelwinds wind energy facility

These wind turbines are visible from almost 20 miles. Lake Erie Alternative Power (LEAP) wants to build 1,400 out in the lake, it will cost billions of our tax dollars for subsidies and ratepayers will be paying extremely high electric rates for the offshore power. LEAP is a holding company whose prime objective is to build offshore power facilities... wind farms. Duration 1 minute 53 seconds
26 Oct 2011

Wind power dominates JCIDA tax policy hearing

About 40 members of the public attended the hearing. Ten people spoke during the hour-long hearing at Jefferson Community College, eight of whom spoke on wind power - generally opposing it. The policy, which hasn't been updated in more than five years, outlines what standard payment-in-lieu-of-tax agreements are.
4 Nov 2010

Wind farm incentives: what works?

Last spring, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) put out $200 million in state funding, some of which went to large-scale wind farms. But wind companies eyeing development in New York say the pot's not sweet enough. Developers want assurances that they can make money once the wind farms are built.
15 Oct 2010

JCIDA: all jurisdictions must agree to PILOTs

A payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement for any wind power project will need approval from all of the involved taxing jurisdictions, agreed members of the governance committee of the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency. The committee is updating its uniform tax-exempt policy, which normally allows PILOTs to be approved only by the agency board unless they fall outside of the set policy.
4 Aug 2010

PILOT plan: Special deals should require local approval

To create a class of taxpayers who do not answer to the electorate is indefensible. The members of JCIDA who argue that these PILOTs need local approval are right and should hold their ground before Jefferson County's property taxpayers are any further disenfranchised. And it is time for the Legislature to wake up to its responsibility and take away from JCIDA the power to provide lower property taxes to the selected few.
23 Jul 2010

JCIDA discusses revamping policy

In considering a revised uniform tax exempt policy for forgiving property, mortgage recording and sales taxes for developers, Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency board members disputed how much oversight local taxing jurisdictions should have on individual agreements.
14 Jul 2010

JCIDA's tax-exempt policy for wind farms won't include local, county issues

Local and county issues will not be part of a uniform tax-exempt policy for wind power projects, but the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency board will consider the issues along with the projects. The agency's governance committee met Wednesday morning to discuss changes to its uniform policy, which applies to all projects that ask for tax abatements.
10 Jun 2010

County seeks protection on taxation of wind farms

Jefferson County taxpayers could be left paying town and school district taxes for a wind farm if the developer fails to pay the project taxes, warns Paul J. Warneck, Jefferson County director of real property services. County officials are worried that taxpayers will have limited recourse if a wind farm leasing land for its turbines does not make its tax or payment-in-lieu-of-taxes payments.
9 Jun 2010

Wind farm still hasn't paid PILOT

Nearly a month after the Maple Ridge Wind Farm regained Empire Zone certification, local taxing jurisdictions are still awaiting the balance of last year's annual payment. And the municipalities plan to resume legal action against Flat Rock Windpower, the company under which Maple Ridge was developed, if the $6.7 million isn't released soon.
28 Apr 2010

Wind PILOT; JCIDA uniform policy overdue

Nearly two years have elapsed since the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency was asked to draft a uniform tax-exempt policy for wind power developments. Where is it? Talks are on hold, according to Donald C. Alexander, JCIDA's chief executive officer. Wind PILOT; JCIDA uniform policy overdue
5 Apr 2010

Wind farm recertified for EZ

It was a very Good Friday for Maple Ridge Wind Farm municipalities. The wind farm and three other north country companies - HCA Genesis Inc. in Watertown, Lewis Lanes in Lowville and M&W Foods Inc. in Potsdam - on Friday morning were recertified into the Empire Zone program.
3 Apr 2010
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