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Fort Drum wary of wind near Wheeler-Sack Airfield

"The prospect of a large wind turbine in the general vicinity of the Indian River High School does cause concern for our operations, most notably through potentially significant adverse impacts to both approach procedures and radar coverage at Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield," Fort Drum spokeswoman Julie A. Cupernall said in an e-mail.
7 Oct 2010

Wind study hits a snag

FAA officials didn't consult Fort Drum officials directly when they approved a 164-foot-tall meteorological tower to assess wind on district property, and Fort Drum officials have an issue with the tower because its chosen site is close to the flight path of aircraft approaching Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield.
10 Jul 2010

Wind safety; Expand certification rule for towers

The collapse of a wind turbine in Clinton County in March 2009 initially perplexed experts and interested novices alike. Yet the state Public Service Commission has concluded that flawed wiring installation allowed the tower to tumble at the Noble Altona Wind Park run by Noble Environmental Power LLC, the state's biggest wind developer.
24 May 2010

Noble Environmental Power faces questions over wind turbine collapse

An investigation into a wind turbine that collapsed in New York State last year has found that wiring in the machine may have been "incorrectly" installed. The state's largest wind developer, Noble Environmental Power, could now find itself required to gain third-party certification for other turbines it has built in the state to answer questions hanging over its operating practice.
17 May 2010

Wind farm mishap draws regulators

After a fiery collapse of a wind power turbine in Clinton County last year, the state wants outside safety inspections before new wind farms can power up. The decision Thursday by the state Public Service Commission affects wind turbines owned by Nobel Environmental Power, owner of the turbine that failed, as well as future wind farms proposed by any developer, commission spokesman James Denn said.
14 May 2010

Our view: Ensure turbines built properly

One fell on Dec. 27, in the Madison County town of Fenner, the other last winter near Plattsburgh. Fortunately, no one was injured in either instance, but it is disquieting to imagine nearly 190 tons of metal, plastic and other materials tumbling down onto farm fields and hillsides.
3 Jan 2010

Fallen turbine; More information needed on collapses

New Yorkers need to understand why a 300-foot tall wind turbine weighing 187 tons collapsed in a Madison County cornfield. The collapse is not an isolated incident. However just because such a failure is uncommon provides no excuse not to aggressively pursue the reasons why. All across the state communities are facing pressure to site wind turbines. As these local governments proceed they must know why the turbine fell.
30 Dec 2009

Safety oversight lacking at turbine collapse site

As officials continue to investigate what could have caused a 200-foot-tall wind turbine to collapse in Madison County, it was not at all clear Monday what agency, if any, is responsible for overseeing turbine safety issues at Fenner Wind Farm in this town northeast of Cazenovia. State officials said the farm does not produce 80 megawatts of energy annually, and therefore, is not large enough to fall under their jurisdiction. Madison County officials also don't believe they're responsible for regulation and pointed to town officials for oversight.
29 Dec 2009

Enel hires consultant to help probe Fenner turbine collapse

Enel North America has hired a forensic engineer to look into why a 187-ton turbine at the company's Fenner Wind Farm fell over early Sunday. The engineer is expected to be joined by a team being put together by General Electric Co., the turbine's manufacturer, to look into the cause of the collapse, Enel spokesman Hank Sennott said. A security firm also is expected to be hired.
28 Dec 2009

187-ton windmill topples in Madison County; Incident mystifies officials; no one injured

Buyea Road resident David Kalenak said the crumpled remains of the wind turbine attracted hundreds of onlookers throughout the day on the rural road, which usually sees just one or two cars each hour. "I think a couple of my neighbors are a little nervous," said Kalenak, who didn't hear the crash. "This one was in a field, but others are in the line of homes."
28 Dec 2009

Local residents fear dangers of more turbines after one collapses

Local residents are wondering if one wind turbine could collapse in Madison County, then it is very possible for a turbine to fall anywhere. Fairfield resident Jim Salamone thinks why couldn't it happen in his back yard. Salamone ...says he was not surprised when he woke up to find out a wind turbine had collapsed in Fenner. He says the meteorological tower that used to be right across from his home already collapsed because of wind and ice.
28 Dec 2009

Wind farm substation is damaged by blaze

A transformer at the Maple Ridge Wind Farm's substation off Rector Road was destroyed by fire late Monday afternoon. Martinsburg firefighters were dispatched to the substation about 5 p.m. but had to wait until the facility was shut down before extinguishing the blaze, said Lewis County Fire Coordinator James M. Martin. ...The Columbus Day fire was the second transformer fire at the site, with a similar incident occurring July 4, 2007. In that case, 491 gallons of mineral oil leaked from the damaged transformer
14 Oct 2009
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