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Suspicious salesperson in LeRoy

After a short investigation, Police have determined there are six salespeople canvassing the area for a company called Invenergy. After a check of one of the subjects, Police have determined he has a suspended license and is from the Syracuse area. Police will be escorting him to the McDonalds on Main Street in LeRoy for a ride.
13 Jan 2013

PSC responds to conflict concerns

In a letter dated Tuesday, PSC's acting secretary, Jeffrey C. Cohen, said department staff will "ensure that Commissioner Harris does not receive any documentary information pertaining to the Cape Vincent project and will be instructed, once an application is filed, not to discuss this matter with her."
19 Dec 2012

BP holds wind workshop in Cape Vincent

Town Councilman Clifford P. Schneider went a step further Thursday night and criticized BP for making donations recently to local food pantries, arguing that this seemingly innocent behavior was "contaminating" and "tainting" the siting process.
7 Dec 2012

Audit rips management of RG&E, NYSEG; Utility's Spanish owner battling state regulators over workforce levels, leadership

Top Iberdrola executives seemed largely ignorant of American regulatory requirements. Auditors said they must "adjust more to business culture here, as opposed to expect U.S. stakeholders to accommodate themselves to Spanish custom and practice." Top executives wouldn't answer auditors' questions, wouldn't allow board members to be interviewed and argued against disclosing information, making arguments that auditors described as "invalid" and "very peculiar."
19 Nov 2012

BP wind holds open house in Cape Vincent

BP says it's looking for feedback from community members, and it's likely they'll get a lot, because the wind project has been very controversial in Cape Vincent. ..."It goes contrary to what you would want in a community like Cape Vincent," said Cape Vincent Planning Board member Bob Brown.
11 Nov 2012

Offshore wind farm firm appeals court decision

A company suing the province over the moratorium placed on offshore wind projects is appealing a judge’s decision to have that lawsuit dismissed. Trillium Wind Power Corp. is hoping to build a 120-turbine, 600-megawatt wind project 28 kilometres south of Prince Edward County, just south of the Duck Islands.
6 Nov 2012

Horse Creek Wind Farm developer might upsize project, begin state siting process as soon as next spring

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's recently released "energy highway" blueprint, identifies Horse Creek Wind Farm as a potential renewable energy project with an electricity-generating capacity of at least 126 megawatts and as much as 376 megawatts. ...Wind farm developer Atlantic Wind LLC, a subsidiary of Iberdrola, last asked Clayton to consider a 48-turbine, 96-megawatt project.
27 Oct 2012

Cape Vincent meeting message to BP wind: "Go Home!"

Marie Millington is a member of Lyme's Planning Board. "You have said in every answer you are willing to work with us," she said. "All I've heard is 'BP, BP, BP.' It has been all yours: what we want, what we think, what we are going to do. What don't you understand? In our boards and our towns, you are not welcomed."
27 Oct 2012
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