Library from New York

New York Residents learn about leasing land for renewable energy projects 14 Nov 2017
New York Debating the turbines: As state seeks comment for wind towers, opposition hires attorney 12 Nov 2017
New York Stop subsidizing the Big Wind bullies 10 Nov 2017
New York Somerset residents seek clarification on town tax hike 10 Nov 2017
New York Draft of Fort Drum Joint Land Use Study offers ideas for managing wind turbine development 7 Nov 2017
New York County willing to entertain partial tax abatement for Deer River Wind Farm 29 Oct 2017
New York Unions hold Copenhagen Wind Farm protest outside Lewis IDA office 18 Oct 2017
New York Is there a way to build wind farms without distrust and division? 17 Oct 2017
New York Project Execution the Focus for Meeting NY Renewable Goals 15 Oct 2017
New York Town of Eagle: Noble Energy reaching out to host towns 13 Oct 2017
New York Malone residents voice concerns about proposed 900-acre solar farm development 12 Oct 2017
Canada Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire New York Vermont Transmission Developers Pitch Mass. Clean Energy Bids 10 Oct 2017
New York DANC to hold meetings in Lowville, Watertown about Fort Drum development, wind turbines 10 Oct 2017
New York Developer contests biologist’s party status request for wind project review 10 Oct 2017
New York Concerned Citizens of Cassadaga Wind Project fights against turbines 8 Oct 2017
New York Arkwright wind project: a sick joke, our worst nightmare 7 Oct 2017
New York Siting Board members have their own conflicts 6 Oct 2017
New York Galloo Island wind developer wants PILOT discussions tabled 6 Oct 2017
New York Where are the jobs? Wind projects don’t boost local economies as supporters claim 6 Oct 2017
USA New York Cuomo on Fort Drum, wind turbine issue: ‘I see the potential danger’ 4 Oct 2017
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