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Save The River Position on Industrial Wind Development within the St. Lawrence River Valley

Save_the_river_wind_moratorium_position_statement_080410_formatted_thumb The special nature of the place that we inhabit, including the importance of the habitat and flyway, when taken with the scale of the wind energy projects proposed, the lack of a process to assess cumulative review, and the initial indications of substantial impacts to birds and bats, all lead us to conclude that wind projects proposed for our area should not proceed further until the Wolfe Island Wind post-construction wildlife impact study is completed and a cumulative wildlife impact assessment involving the US and Canadian governments has occurred.
4 Aug 2010

Measuring background noise with an attended, mobile survey during nights with stable atmospheric conditions

Schneider_internoise2009capevincentambientnoise_thumb In response to sound studies from commercial wind developers, a series of background noise surveys were conducted in Cape Vincent, NY between May and July 2008. The survey approach included sampling at night under stable atmospheric conditions and systematically selecting monitoring stations at 1.6 km intervals. Stable conditions occurred in 67% of nights and in 30% of those nights, wind velocities represented worse-case conditions where ground level winds were less than 2 m/s and hub-height winds were greater than wind turbine cut-in speed, 4 m/s. The median A-weighted L90a,9hr sound pressure level was 25.7 and 26.7 dBA. C-weighted SPLs from the two mobile surveys were 40.0 dBC and 43.9 dBC. Assuming 45 dBA background noise, developers of the St. Lawrence Wind Farm predicted noise impacts would not exceed local and New York guidelines. However, assuming worse-case conditions using 25.6 dBA background noise, nearly all residences within range of the St Lawrence Wind Farm exceeded New York guidelines and more than half would have noise levels considered "objectionable" to "intolerable".
23 Aug 2009

NY Wind Energy Code of Conduct Agreement

Windcode_july_2009_thumb This code of ethics developed by the NY attorney general aims to encourage more honest and open conduct by wind energy companies and their employees. While this voluntary code is signed by the wind company, it also impacts municipal officials in terms of their conduct, required disclosure and similar requirements on their family members. The first section of the code is presented below. The full document can be accessed by clicking the links on this page.
22 Jul 2009

Environmentally Concerned Citizens Org. comments to Clayton NY Wind Law Committee

Ecco_comments_5-29-09_thumb This letter was prepared in response to the March 13, 2009 recommendations of the Clayton Wind Law Committee, a committee established by the Town Board. The comments contained are limited to the town’s consideration of limits on the development of utility-scale, industrial wind turbines, especially as part of a multi-turbine wind farm. NY Attorney Gary Abraham submitted the letter on behalf of Environmentally Concerned Citizens Organization (ECCO).
29 May 2009

Background sound measurements and analysis in the vicinity of Cape Vincent, NY

Schoomer_report_thumb Paul D. Schomer of Schomer & Associates Inc., was invited by the residents of Cape Vincent, NY to evaluate the pre-construction noise studies conducted Hessler and Associates. Dr. Schomer is chairman of the International Organization for Standardization working group on environmental noise and chairman of the American National Standards committee on noise, among other leadership roles in noise measurement. His findings contradict the studies done by Hessler Associates Inc. The executive summary of his report is reproduced on this page. His full report can be accessed by clicking on the link below.
11 May 2009

Cape Vincent’s unethical black hole

Wpeg_conflict_ad_1_thumb This open letter to representatives of British Petroleum and Acciona/AES appeared in New York's Watertown Daily Times newspaper in response to questionable business practices by the developers seeking to build wind facilities in Cape Vincent, New York. The full letter can be accessed by clicking on the link below.
15 Feb 2009

NY Supreme Court order re: Prattsburgh eminent domain suit

Prattsburghlawsuit_eminentdomain_thumb Memorandum and order issued by the NY State Supreme Court in the matter involving a request by property owners in Prattsburgh to annul the decision by the Town Board of the Town of Prattsburgh to condemn a portion of the petitioners' property in order to create certain easements for Windfarm Prattsburgh, LLC, to place underground electricity lines for a wind farm project.
6 Feb 2009

Guidelines for conducting bird and bat studies at commerical wind energy projects

Windguidelines_thumb These guidelines, prepared by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources, set forth recommendations to commercial wind energy developers on how to characterize bird and bat resources at on-shore wind energy sites, and how to estimate and document impacts resulting from the construction and operation of wind energy projects. By issuing these guidelines, DEC intends to provide a consistent and predictable methodology for developers to assist them in the planning and development process.
21 Jan 2009


Hpg_v_hamlin_town_board_decision_01-05-09_thumb In his decision, dated January 5, 2009, NY Supreme Court Justice David Michael Barry found that the Town of Hamlin's town board failed to follow New York state law in adopting Local Wind Law 3-2008. The intent of Local Wind Law 3-2008 is to govern placement of industrial wind turbines within the town. The full text of Judge Barry's decision can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. The suit was filed by the Hamlin Preservation Group.
5 Jan 2009

NY-PSC Abbreviated order authorizing acquisition subject to conditions

Nypsc_iberdrola_order07m0906_order_thumb The NY Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved the joint Petition of Iberdrola, S.A., Energy East Corporation, RGS Energy Group, Inc., Green Acquisition Capital, Inc., New York State Electric & Gas Corporation and Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation for the acquisition of Energy East Corporation by Iberdrola, S.A. (CASE 07-M-0906). The order as issued by the PSC can be accessed by clicking on the link below.
9 Sep 2008
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