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Exelon to shut Nine Mile Point-1, Ginna reactors if New York fails to OK compensation plan

The proposal by the state Department of Public Service stipulates Exelon's 597-MW Ginna reactor in Ontario, New York, and the 640-MW Nine Mile Point-1 and 1,205-MW Nine Mile Point-2 units in Oswego, as well as Entergy's 849-MW FitzPatrick in Oswego, would be eligible to receive payments via a zero-emissions credit, or ZEC, from state electricity retailers.
14 Jun 2016

Somerset may tax energy projects

"Our town, school and county have a decidedly mixed experience with PILOTs, as have many across the state,” resident Randy Atwater said. “We know that our community does not want this project, but if we lose the battle and the project proceeds, I'd prefer the project be taxed on the full value of the installation.”
10 Jun 2016

NY’s Madison Wind Farm a cautionary tale

The Madison Wind Farm, town of Madison, county of Madison, has told town and county officials that come Jan. 1, when its 15-year payment-in-lieu-of-tax agreement expires, it simply won’t be able to pay any more than it has over the past 15 years. That princely sum? A paltry $60,000 a year split between the school district and the town. The county generously agreed to forgo any payments, figuring it would get its reward when the PILOT was done.
18 Nov 2015

New Yorkers will pay dearly for wind tax credit

Enough is enough. Wind advocates have claimed for decades they wouldn’t need handouts within a few more years – claims that have proven wrong time and again. Wind’s recent history illustrates this reality. When the PTC is active – aka, when the tax spigot is open – new wind installations soar. When it’s temporarily expired and no more tax dollars are available, installations plummet.
16 Nov 2015

Jefferson County could learn lesson from tax break for Madison Wind Farm

When tax breaks for wind projects expire, will municipalities receive full property taxes to which they’re entitled? That’s a murky question that will have to be resolved soon for a seven-turbine, 11.5-megawatt wind project in Madison County, which benefited from a 15-year payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement that will end in 2016. ...The company (EDP Renewables) has said it can’t afford more than the $60,000 per year it paid under the PILOT agreement, Mr. Harris said.
7 Nov 2015

JCIDA proposal described as ‘workaround’ to get tax break OK’d for Galloo Island wind project

IDA board member Scott A. Gray, a county legislator representing District 13 who is a member of the IDA board of directors, said he believes the IDA’s attempt to exclude taxing jurisdictions from the PILOT approval process for renewable energy projects was motivated directly by the Galloo Island wind project. He contended the move is designed to ensure that the county Board of Legislators doesn’t have the chance to reject a proposed PILOT for the project.
8 Oct 2015

Key Cuomo renewable efforts delayed again

The Clean Energy Fund is one of Cuomo's signature energy initiatives, a 10-year, $5 billion plan funded by surcharges on electric bills. The program would replace current programs like the System Benefits Charge, the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard, and the Renewable Portfolio Standard, all of which are to expire this year.
29 Apr 2015
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