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Transformer ruptures at Wethersfield wind turbine

Megan Gollwitzer, spokesperson for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, said approximately 400 gallons of transformer oil, a mineral oil product, was released into the area immediately surrounding the base of the wind turbine. ...Approximately 45 tons of affected soil from the area where the spill occurred was collected and removed for off-site disposal at a regulated landfill, Gollwitzer said.
26 Jan 2012

Fenner turbines turning

Enel engineers and industry experts are still investigating the cause of the 329-foot machine's collapse. According to Enel Spokesman Hank Sennott, the company has been able to rule out what did not cause the accident ...Geography and weather are still points of interest in the investigation.
12 Aug 2010

Workers reinforce foundations on wind turbines in Fenner following tower collapse

Workers have begun making changes to the Fenner Wind Farm that the owners hope will get the turbines spinning by September. Crews have been working to reinforce the foundations on 19 windmills since just after Memorial Day, said Enel North America spokesman Hank Sennott. Enel officials have not yet determined what caused a 187-ton Turbine 18 to fall in the early hours of Dec. 27.
23 Jun 2010

Work begins on Fenner windmills

The 20-turbine wind farm has been shut down for nearly six months, since the Dec. 27 fall of turbine 18. While Enel North America, the company that owns the wind farm, and a team of engineers investigate the cause of the collapse, the remaining turbines have been assumed to in danger of similar failures.
23 Jun 2010

Company working to turn Fenner wind turbines on in July

The Fenner wind turbines could start cranking again in July, even though engineers still haven't been able to determine why one broke at its base and came crashing down in a first-of-its-kind accident in late December. The company that runs the wind farm, Enel, is now working to reinforce the bases of the remaining 19 turbines so they can start operating again.
22 Jun 2010

Fall of Fenner windmill remains a mystery

The foundation wasn't faulty, the 187-ton machine wasn't defective and all specifications were met. Yet Enel North America and the top industry analysts they hired have no answers as to what caused Turbine 18 to topple over Dec. 27. Since the unprecedented fall, Fenner Wind Farm's 20 turbines have been switched off, not generating any energy.
21 Jun 2010

Noble Environmental Power faces questions over wind turbine collapse

An investigation into a wind turbine that collapsed in New York State last year has found that wiring in the machine may have been "incorrectly" installed. The state's largest wind developer, Noble Environmental Power, could now find itself required to gain third-party certification for other turbines it has built in the state to answer questions hanging over its operating practice.
17 May 2010

Enel: Turbine collapse could have 'significant impact' on wind industry

Engineers probing the collapse of a 190-ton turbine in rural Madison County have a lot of work ahead of them because the type of crash that occurred at Fenner Wind Farm appears to be unprecedented, officials from the wind farm operator said. The turbine that crashed at about 4 a.m. Dec. 27, 2009, on the wind farm located northeast of Cazenovia became dislodged from its foundation.
9 Mar 2010

Cause of collapse at Fenner wind farm still unknown as investigation continues

Nearly two months after a 187-ton windmill collapsed in a cornfield in Fenner, neighbors, local officials, energy advocates and the wind farm's other 19 turbines are still waiting for answers. Turbine 18, which once stood 212 feet from the ground to the center hub and 329 feet to the tip of a blade at its full height, fell to the ground the early hours of Dec. 27, shaking up residents who lived among the giants for nearly a decade and industry officials who had never seen a similar failure.
2 Mar 2010

187-ton windmill topples in Madison County; Incident mystifies officials; no one injured

Buyea Road resident David Kalenak said the crumpled remains of the wind turbine attracted hundreds of onlookers throughout the day on the rural road, which usually sees just one or two cars each hour. "I think a couple of my neighbors are a little nervous," said Kalenak, who didn't hear the crash. "This one was in a field, but others are in the line of homes."
28 Dec 2009

Local residents fear dangers of more turbines after one collapses

Local residents are wondering if one wind turbine could collapse in Madison County, then it is very possible for a turbine to fall anywhere. Fairfield resident Jim Salamone thinks why couldn't it happen in his back yard. Salamone ...says he was not surprised when he woke up to find out a wind turbine had collapsed in Fenner. He says the meteorological tower that used to be right across from his home already collapsed because of wind and ice.
28 Dec 2009

Rethinking wind tower safety

Another wind tower has collapsed, this one in the Madison County Wind Farm in the town of Fenner. ...Wind farm advocates, especially in Cape Vincent, Clayton and Hammond, have blasted those urging tighter control of wind farm development for what they say is unreasonable setbacks from wind farms for other structures and for infrastructure such as roads and power lines. Yet, experience is beginning to show that in terms of safety, it is likely far better to err on the side of caution.
28 Dec 2009

Windmill falls in Madison County

"We were notified by the owners of the wind farm this morning," said town Supervisor Russell L. Cary, from his home Sunday night. "They detected it and were out there looking at it. They don't know what happened. They're basically investigating what happened." ...Mr. Cary said the importance of the town board's discussion to regulate where the turbines can be placed didn't hit home until Sunday morning, when he saw the mangled tower laying in the field.
28 Dec 2009

Windmill hits the ground

A windmill on Buyea Road in the Fenner Wind Farm Project hit the ground Sunday morning. The collapsed equipment was discovered Dec. 27 by staff of Enel North America, the Andover, Mass., company that owns the project, while doing routine monitoring of their equipment. ..."You can have all the experts in the world conduct all the studies in a lab, but the real learning happens in the field."
27 Dec 2009
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