Library from New York

New York Delaware towns near vote on wind-farm delays - Andes and Bovina considering moratoriums; citizens form group 10 Apr 2006
New York Golisano on wind farms - Communities should lead development 8 Apr 2006
New York Lawsuit filed to halt wind turbines - Residents challenge environmental review in Yates and Steuben 8 Apr 2006
New York Town takes on wind power debate 6 Apr 2006
New York Blades of Controversy - A Debate on Commercial Wind Development 5 Apr 2006
New York Windmills On Agenda In Somerset 3 Apr 2006
New York Opinions aired on proposed wind farms 2 Apr 2006
New York Tug Hill Sub Station 1 Apr 2006
New York Will Wind Power Come to Oswego County? 1 Apr 2006
New York Spitzer outlines environmental policy 1 Apr 2006
New York Beekmantown residents organize to combat wind power 31 Mar 2006
New York Somerset Moves Quickly to Approve Legislation to Permit Commercial Windmill Construction 30 Mar 2006
New York New York Regional Interconnect Inc Announces Proposed New Energy Transmission Line 30 Mar 2006
New York SCIDA a ‘firm believer' in wind: Hartsville board requires written questions to eliminate floor arguments 28 Mar 2006
New York Tug of war ensues over utility-fee spending - Lawmakers want control over $200M fund set for energy-efficiency plans 25 Mar 2006
New York Proposed windfarm to come back in April 24 Mar 2006
New York Cape Vincent turbine plan stirs worries 24 Mar 2006
New York Controversy in the Wind - 'Free' power source comes at a price for some living near the steady 'whoosh' 24 Mar 2006
New York Beekmantown Residents Concerned Over Wind Farm Construction 23 Mar 2006
New York Meeting called to discuss 2nd Hartsville plan 23 Mar 2006
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