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Tense open meeting in Hopkinton on turbines

A public hearing on a law regulating the establishment of wind turbines brought out more than 70 people, mostly to register grave concerns about the project. The meeting, hosted by the Hopkinton Town Council, was at times openly hostile, with one wind farm opponent being ejected.
22 Aug 2017

New York's climate goal: staggering costs, no benefits

In fact, they will require virtually complete electrification of these states’ economies to eliminate almost all fossil fuel consumption, not just the small percentage of fossil fuels devoted to generating electricity. The costs to consumers and taxpayers will be trillions of dollars, with virtually no benefits. Indeed, as I show in a recent report for the Manhattan Institute, the numbers behind these 80-by-50 mandates just don’t add up.
18 Aug 2017

Nonprofit dedicated to bird protection opposes Horse Creek Wind Farm

Mr. Burger said building roads and bases for turbines in the area would reduce the amount of available grassland for birds to live and breed. Mrs. Liner said in the letter that grassland birds typically require large fields that allow them to avoid predators in order to breed, adding that several species such as Henslow’s Sparrow and the Northern Harrier prefer having 100 acres available for habitation or more.
15 Aug 2017

County: No PILOTs for big wind projects

Under the policy, the county Legislature requires any payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) agreement for wind energy production projects with a rated capacity of 25 Megawatts or more to be equal to the property tax payments the county would have received in the absence of exemptions. 
12 Aug 2017

River RATS information session discusses wind project issues and answers questions

About 60 people attended the presentation at the Tabernacle in Thousand Island Park hosted by Ross Holbrook and his father, Doug. The presentation informed attendees about the coalition, their concerns about the Horse Creek Wind Farm project, the state Law Article 10 law review process for energy projects and how opponents to the proposal can involve themselves in the review process. 
28 Jul 2017

Source: LIPA rejects planned solar farm, offshore wind project

The official explained that LIPA had ample green-power sources to meet its short-term state mandates without the second Deepwater Wind project’s proposed 210 megawatts of energy. He noted LIPA will have other opportunities to purchase wind energy through a recently signed memorandum of understanding with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority specifically centered on offshore wind.
21 Jul 2017
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