Library from New Jersey

New Jersey Offshore wind farm plans for NJ blown up and down 8 Oct 2012
New Jersey Union Beach hires lawyer for wind turbine fight 30 Sep 2012
New Jersey Did the cost of subsidizing offshore wind just hit a downdraft? 19 Sep 2012
New Jersey 2 years after Christie's call for green era, little has changed 2 Sep 2012
New Jersey Turbine Plans Hit Headwind 24 Aug 2012
New Jersey BRSA takes down wind turbine construction crane, plans to ask appellate court to reconsider 15 Aug 2012
New Jersey Authority disassembles crane for Union Beach wind turbine 15 Aug 2012
New Jersey Appellate ruling means Union Beach crane will come down 10 Aug 2012
New Jersey Court sides with Union Beach on wind turbine appeal 10 Aug 2012
New Jersey Court halts wind turbine delivery 21 Jul 2012
New Jersey Clear skies for offshore wind turbines off Atlantic City shore 20 Jul 2012
New Jersey BRSA Wind Turbine Project Halted by Union Beach Injunction 20 Jul 2012
New Jersey Superior Court issues injunction to block turbine delivery 18 Jul 2012
New Jersey Union Beach wind turbine delivery could delay traffic the week of July 23 13 Jul 2012
New Jersey Noisy wind turbines cause resident complaints; Borough officials cut operating time for turbines 12 Jul 2012
New Jersey Borough seeks injunction on wind turbine 7 Jul 2012
New Jersey Bayonne wind turbine stands stationary and silent 9 May 2012
New Jersey Wind firm seeks more time to revise NJ application 10 Apr 2012
New Jersey Wayne Auto Spa owner, township back in court over wind turbine 6 Apr 2012
New Jersey Consultants cool to N.J. wind farm proposal 29 Feb 2012
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