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Forum on wind turbine set for Union Beach residents

The Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority is holding the first of two scheduled "open house" meetings at its facility on Saturday to discuss its plans to build a 380-foot tall energy-producing wind turbine. The first meeting, set for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the BRSA's facility at 100 Oak St., is open to Union Beach residents only. A second meeting, open to all Monmouth County residents, will be held in December. The date has not been set, said Robert C. Fischer, executive director of the BRSA.
13 Nov 2009

Union Beach wind turbine plan gets DEP approval

The Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority has been given the OK by the state Department of Environmental Protection to go out to bid for construction of a 380-foot-tall, energy-producing wind turbine, officials said. ...The project price tag is estimated around $7.7 million. ...Union Beach officials have opposed the project, and they sent a formal objection in writing to the DEP in September.
1 Nov 2009

State: Wind turbine plan must satisfy DEP rules

A plan for an energy-producing wind turbine proposed by the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority must satisfy several state Department of Environmental Protection regulations before actual construction can start, state officials said. ...PEER Director Bill Wolfe, a former DEP analyst, said the authority wants to start construction before finishing required studies on any environmental impact the turbine might have on area bird life.
11 Oct 2009

Gone with the wind ... at least for now; Sparta's wind power project is shelved

Officials announced last week they will put Sparta's proposed wind power project on hold for the time being and explore other alternative energy options. New Jersey recently opened its energy credit market to national trading, which reduced the value of credits the township could earn for wind generated power. This would lessen the return on Sparta's investment in the project, rendering it substantially less cost effective.
2 Oct 2009

DEP cutting red tape for windmills

If energy-generating wind turbines are built in the Atlantic Ocean off New Jersey, the state wants to limit how close to shore they can be. New rules proposed by the state's Department of Environmental Protection would ban such projects in all state-controlled ocean waters except for a half-mile wide strip from 2.5 miles offshore to the end of state waters at the 3-mile mark. ...the move is a result of concerns about the environmental impact of large offshore wind farms, particularly on migratory birds and bats.
21 Sep 2009

Windfarm siting process begins

Fishermen's Energy of New Jersey, one of three companies looking to create wind farms off of Atlantic City, is beginning to take scientific surveys to determine exactly where the wind farm should be located.
8 Sep 2009

Fishing OK near planned wind farms off New Jersey coast

The three companies planning to construct wind farms off the New Jersey coast have agreed to not pursue any restrictions on fishing near the operations, which means commercial fisherman would be allowed to harvest their bounty between the turbines while anglers, pot fishermen and even scuba divers could fish right next to the structures.
8 Sep 2009

Union Beach opposes plan for 380-foot-tall wind turbine

Unlike the deluded hero Don Quixote, municipal officials in this Bayshore town think they have the clout to derail a giant windmill proposed for their town. In this case, it's a 380-foot wind turbine with 118-foot blades that, according to a plan proposed by the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority, would sit on authority property in the west end of this 1.2-square-mile town.
26 Aug 2009

RSS Studies may delay debut of offshore wind farms

Offshore wind farms dotting the Atlantic Ocean are moving further into the future as the federal government gets ready to launch its plans for regulating such projects across the country. ...The framework for how companies can develop offshore energy projects other than oil and natural gas is scheduled to be unveiled later this month.
12 Jun 2009

Wind farm study slated

A study will look into the possibility of constructing a wind farm in the Delaware Bay off the shores of three Cumberland County communities. The project was announced Monday by Toms River-based Delsea Energy LLC, after the company filed its initial permitting application with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
24 Mar 2009

Tests for offshore turbines

Three companies will have to build taxpayer-funded meteorological towers miles off New Jersey's coast this year before state officials will allow them to construct the region's first offshore wind farms. The towers built by Garden State Offshore Energy, Bluewater Wind and Fishermen's Energy of New Jersey will monitor everything from wind speed to bird migratory patterns.
27 Feb 2009

Solar energy market goes down in poor economy

A state rebate program to help offset the cost of installing solar, wind and biopower technologies became re-energized this month - a key incentive to convincing more residents and businesses to commit to renewable energy projects. But a question of funding availability, the economic downturn and general uncertainty about the market are not giving some installers much optimism about the Renewable Energy Incentive Program.
15 Feb 2009

N.J. ready to support three wind farm companies

Offshore wind farms are moving one step closer to reality, and three companies will take the same step at the same time. ...While the utility companies are glad to be moving forward, some environmental groups are concerned that moving multiple projects ahead at the same time might be risky. "There doesn't seem to be a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to achieve these 1,000 megawatts in an environmentally sound manner," said Jennifer Samson, principal scientist for the environmental group Clean Ocean Action. "We just really don't know how that's going to happen."
18 Dec 2008

BPU OKs application process for offshore wind-farm rebates

Under the rebate program, $4 million per meteorological station would be awarded, provided the weather station is up and running in 2009, and it's for a wind farm that generates at least 200 megawatts worth of energy. Garden State Offshore Energy's proposed wind farm is expected to generate 346 megawatts when completed. The weather stations would collect data on wind speed, direction and other areas of interest to the companies deploying the wind farms.
22 Nov 2008
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