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Shore no place for wind test

Wind power is advocated as a clean, renewable energy source. We have no problem with that. But we'd prefer that it be harnessed elsewhere. The potential harm to the ecosystem and tourism should be reason enough to scrap the test project.
8 May 2006

Winds of change? - Panel recommends building wind turbines off New Jersey coast

A "test project" with up to 80 wind turbines should be built off New Jersey's coast to learn more about the potential impact and benefits of offshore wind power, a state panel recommended. But the potential impact may be significant and New Jersey must stress conservation before pursuing energy facilities in the ocean, according to a minority report included in the package.
3 May 2006

State sets aggressive clean-energy goal

The state yesterday directed electric utility companies to gradually increase their purchases of electricity from renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind power, a move that could lead to modest increases in bills at a time when consumers already are facing steep increases in energy costs.
13 Apr 2006

Final Report: Blue Ribbon Panel on Development of Wind Turbine Facilities in Coastal Waters

Finalwindpanelreport_thumb During the past 15 months, this Blue Ribbon Panel has identified myriad costs and benefits related to development of offshore wind turbine facilities in New Jersey’s coastal waters. Because of the lack of basic scientific data, however, this Panel cannot characterize the appropriateness of offshore wind development for this state’s coastal waters. Nonetheless, this Panel has found that New Jersey is facing a serious and growing energy crisis that must be addressed. New Jersey must assume a leadership role and set an example of responsible development of energy technologies that are reliable, renewable, and low-or zero-emission.
1 Apr 2006

State of The Coast

ATLANTIC CITY — With coastal communities from Cape Cod to Virginia buzzing over the possibility of wind turbines rising in coastal waters, the wind power industry's biggest advertisement is right here alongside U.S. Route 30.
12 Mar 2006
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