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Council drafts new rules on wind turbines

An expected trend derived from the recent unveiling of a wind turbine at the University of Delaware has the City Council drafting new regulations into its code. A moratorium has been imposed on the issuance of any permits or licenses for wind turbines while an ordinance is drafted. The suspension will run until April 11, 2011, unless lifted by the council.
14 May 2010

HPC opposes windmills in Cape May

The city's Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is wary of wind mills and wind turbines in the historic district or elsewhere in the city that would be visible from the historic district. ...Coupland said windmills would be visible since they are elevated and need clear air space and therefore were not appropriate in the city's historic district. "And maybe not in Cape May," he continued.
5 May 2010

Ocean Gate turbine noise probed

The borough's wind turbine has become a lightning rod. First praised as innovative, the turbine has since been criticized by several residents for its noise pollution. Now, those residents are still debating the turbine's value as Ocean County Health Department officials investigate noise complaints.
29 Apr 2010

Turbine plan hits head wind

New Jersey's plans for large offshore wind farms may be delayed into the next decade as new federal permitting rules will require seven to nine years to scrutinize the environmental impact and engineering feasibility ...The criteria developed by the federal Minerals Management Service earlier this year could jeopardize a project to build hundreds of turbines 20 miles off the coast of Atlantic City.
29 Apr 2010

Environmentalists are tilting at windmills

Last November I drove across the country, mostly along back roads. In the middle of Iowa, I came upon a fascinating spectacle. Giant windmills filled the fields in every direction. I watched them turn slowly in the breeze. They looked like an army of giant robots marching across the middle of nowhere. And that's exactly where they belong. Stick one of these things in crowded New Jersey and it's a different story. I learned that the other day when I witnessed a windmill in Ocean Gate, a pleasant little community at the mouth of the mighty Toms River.
11 Apr 2010

Judge to decide fate of Wayne wind turbine

Robert Burke, the owner of Wayne Auto Spa on Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike, asked Superior Court Judge Donald Volkert Jr. to overturn the Wayne Planning Board's September 2008 unanimously vote rejecting his application. Through his attorneys, Burke asked the judge to set aside that decision and order the township to issue construction permits within 30 days for the electricity-generating turbine.
26 Mar 2010

New Jersey to fill budget gap with RGGI cash

Newly-elected Republican Governor Chris Christie announced proceeds from the northeastern US cap-and-trade programme's quarterly allowance auctions would be used to plug the budget deficit, details of which were released yesterday. New Jersey has raised $64.5 million in proceeds from the sale of emission allowances in the scheme's seven auctions, which were held on a quarterly basis since late 2008.
18 Mar 2010

Ocean Gate windmills draw mixed reviews

Three months ago, Ocean Gate was abuzz with excitement as it prepared to celebrate a windmill, which local officials said would lower the electric bills at the municipal building. But shortly after the switch was turned on, problems began. Residents living on three sides of the turbine began to complain about the noise - a constant metallic drone - as well as light reflecting off the rotors. With the prospect of another 50-kilowatt windmill being built in the next year, the complaints have gotten louder.
9 Mar 2010

Ocean Gate turbine creates storm

Ditzel is one of a small group of residents who have been unhappy with Ocean Gate's new wind turbine. ...It was built in November across the street from Ditzel's home. She said she has been tormented by the near-constant sound of the turbine's "scraping and swooshing" and a flickering, strobe-light effect from the sun reflecting off its rotating blades.
2 Mar 2010

Steel Pier wants to add windmills for power, tourist draw

The spectacle of diving horses and high-wire acts are an iconic part of the Steel Pier's past, but the pier's president is looking toward the future - green energy, carbon neutral initiatives - to provide new excitement for visitors. A proposal to build at least five wind turbines on the resort's famed amusement pier is another step closer to happening, after the state Senate voted Monday to allow wind-dependent energy facilities on Atlantic City piers.
27 Feb 2010

Bayshore groups warn of wind turbine effects; Environmental groups plan forums to educate public

Despite conditional approval granted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for a 1.5- megawatt industrial wind turbine, the Hazlet Area Quality of Life Alliance (HAQLA) and the Hazlet Environmental Commission (HEC) will host informational forums about wind energy and public health effects the turbines may pose to residents of the region.
24 Feb 2010

Contract awarded for wind turbine project; Windmill slated to be operational by January 2011

Construction of a 1.5-megawatt industrial wind turbine along the coastline in Union Beach will be completed by the end of 2010, according to officials from the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority (BRSA). "We have conditional approval from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection [NJDEP]," said Robert Fischer, executive director of BRSA.
17 Feb 2010

Don't build wind turbine

I am adamantly opposed to the construction of a wind turbine here in Union Beach. It will be an eyesore that will degrade the beauty and quality of life in town and negatively affect property values. ("Union Beach residents oppose $7.7M wind turbine," Dec. 8.)
14 Dec 2009

Tower in Downe: What does it mean?

Residents here are finally noticing the tall tower rising from the marsh near the bayshore, and questions abound. At Monday's township committee meeting, many wanted to know why construction of the device used to measure wind velocity and the feasibility of a wind farm in the area never came before the planning board. ...Riland said there will be a lot of environmental and wildlife issues. "It could be 10 years in the future. There will be a whole lot of obstacles," he said.
10 Dec 2009

Union Beach residents oppose $7.7M wind turbine

Residents of this Bayshore town say they're not ready to give up their fight. They are trying to stop the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority's proposed electricity-producing wind turbine. More than 80 Union Beach residents attended the Borough Council's Dec. 3 meeting. ...90 percent strongly opposed construction of the estimated 360-foot-high wind turbine.
8 Dec 2009

Many Union Beach residents oppose wind turbine

No wind turbine in my backyard. That was the sentiment of most of the residents who spoke Thursday night on the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority's proposed 360-foot energy-producing wind turbine. Roughly 40 people attended a special meeting of the Borough Council called to hear residents views about the plan. Many proclaimed loud and clear that they want no part of such a structure in their neighborhood.
4 Dec 2009

Consultant is hired to evaluate bids on planned wind turbine; On the bay in Union Beach

The Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority has hired an engineering management firm to oversee the bidding process in the construction of its proposed 360-foot energy producing wind turbine, officials said. ...Union Beach officials have opposed the turbine project, sending a formal objection in writing to the state Department of Environmental Protection in September.
30 Nov 2009

Wind measurer surprises Downe

In contrast with its now well-known proposal to build 106 wind turbines in the Delaware Bay, Delsea officials were much quieter about their idea to build windmills on tracts of land in the township. Maybe too quiet. Because now, some Downe Township officials are grumbling about not knowing that Delsea had raised the tower and was measuring data for an inland wind energy project.
27 Nov 2009

Forum on wind turbine set for Union Beach residents

The Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority is holding the first of two scheduled "open house" meetings at its facility on Saturday to discuss its plans to build a 380-foot tall energy-producing wind turbine. The first meeting, set for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the BRSA's facility at 100 Oak St., is open to Union Beach residents only. A second meeting, open to all Monmouth County residents, will be held in December. The date has not been set, said Robert C. Fischer, executive director of the BRSA.
13 Nov 2009
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