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Sea Girt vows to fight wind turbine

Hundreds of Sea Girt residents, many sporting red "No wind turbine" T-shirts, attended the meeting to voice their concerns about the National Guard Training Center's [NGTC] proposed wind turbine. ...In response to the recent outpouring of opposition, the borough council unanimously voted to adopt a resolution "strongly opposing" the proposed erection of a large-scale wind turbine at the NGTC.
16 Sep 2010

Sea Girt objects to wind turbine

"To tell me that I can't fly a kite or throw a Frisbee on the beach, but you want to put up a 400-foot, industrial, 1.5-megawatt wind turbine, is environmentally hypocritical," Plaia said, referring to the DEP's restrictions on beach activity, which have been imposed in Sea Girt to protect the birds. A dozen residents also brought up concerns about noise, dangerous accidents and plummeting property values.
8 Sep 2010

Christie's got a Dutch treat for utility customers

Bill Heller told me the windmill in question would be 75 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty. I could see the statue looming on the other side of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. And if you can see the statue from Union Beach, that means this windmill would be visible from most of the New York Bay. ...It's a symbol the residents don't want, said Borough Councilman Lou Andreuzzi.
22 Aug 2010

Northampton adopts ordinance regulating construction of alternative energy systems

The new law, while encouraging wind turbines, solar energy panels and geothermal heating and cooling systems, will regulate the construction of what officials said could be "potentially intrusive facilities" in the township. "If someone puts a solar panel in, it may work very well for that homeowner but there could be various problems with its looks or even with glare."
12 Aug 2010

Meeting disrupted over turbine issue; BRSA suspends public comment after heated exchanges

Members of the Union Beach Police Department were called to calm a raucous meeting of the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority (BRSA) on July 19 after a discussion about the authority's proposed 380-foot-tall wind turbine turned aggressive. Two Union Beach residents who live in close proximity to the 24-acre wastewater management facility expressed opposition to the turbine's construction and vocalized their anger.
28 Jul 2010

Midwest wind not wanted in NJ

The cost to ratepayers could increase electric bills by hundred dollars or more a year, if the planned transmission lines were constructed, Edelston said. Paul Patterson, an energy analyst with Glenrock Associates in New York, said the issue of building new transmission lines to move renewable energy is one of the more contentious issues before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
23 Jul 2010

Freeholders oppose wind turbine plan

Burry said the board is not opposed to wind power, but rather questioned the appropriateness of locating the "extremely invasive structure" near residential neighborhoods. John Curran, president of the Hazlet Area Quality of Life Alliance, thanked the freeholders for their support on the issue.
8 Jul 2010

Turbine granted final approval despite opposition

Construction of a 1.5-megawatt industrial wind turbine in Union Beach will be erected by January 2011, pending two new bird and bat impact studies, officials from the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority (BRSA) said last week. ...More than 40 residents of Union Beach and Hazlet urged BRSA commissioners to reevaluate the public health risks for its proposed 1.5-megawatt project at the meeting.
30 Jun 2010

Wind power bill goes to N.J. Legislature

Legislation to promote development of offshore wind power for New Jersey was released today by an Assembly panel and is due to be voted on by both the state Senate and Assembly on Monday. The legislation known as the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act establishes an offshore wind renewable energy certificate program.
25 Jun 2010

Does wind power mean pricier power?

Sen. Paul Sarlo (D-Bergen), the chairman of the budget panel, reflected lawmakers' fears about the cost to consumers when he told Martin: "My concern is very simple. The cost of this energy is quite expensive.'' In Massachusetts, Sarlo noted, the Cape Wind offshore wind project is now expected to cost consumers there $200 million more on their electric bills in the first year.
24 Jun 2010

Offshore wind turbines would have minimal environmental impact on coast, N.J. officials say

A report detailing the findings is due to be released in July, but Department of Environmental Protection officials said that preliminary findings show there would be "negligible impacts to bird, fish and marine mammal life." The $7 million, two-year study looked at marine life over 75 miles from Barnegat Bay to Cape May and delved into how it may be affected by turbines.
19 Jun 2010

Wind power bill breezes through Senate Committee

The state's effort to promote offshore wind farms is getting a bit of blowback from the state's business community. In a move advocates say could vault New Jersey to the forefront of states aiming to harness offshore wind as a clean and free source of energy, the Senate Environment and Energy Committee yesterday approved legislation designed to help developers finance wind projects off the Jersey coast.
15 Jun 2010
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