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State puts onshore wind program back in business

While allowing the processing of $3 million in rebates to some 26 projects, the consultant recommended tightening the requirements for turbine vendors and installers operating in New Jersey. Among the recommended changes are requiring both to post some kind of bond on a project-by-project basis and requiring liability insurance to cover damage to turbines and other equipment.
21 Apr 2011

Bayshore environmental group opposes wind turbine

Members of the council said the siting of the turbine is poorly planned with the turbine being built near a residential area, and there should have been greater public participation in the process. "I think there needs to be a plan in place and there needs to be public comment on those plans," said Reynolds.
20 Apr 2011

State shuts down onshore wind turbine program after major malfunction

The problem occurred on March 2 when a still unexplained major malfunction on a recently installed wind turbine caused all three blades to break loose, Reinert said. On March 8, the clean energy office staff directed the program coordinator to issue a notice to stakeholders advising that "Effective immediately, there is a temporary hold on all new REIP wind applications."
25 Mar 2011

Offshore wind transmission system raises red flag at state agencies

In asking to intervene in the case, the two agencies argued that the project, stretching from Virginia to New Jersey, could adversely affect the rates paid by consumers and also place much of the risk on the ratepayer instead of the developers. The Atlantic Wind Connection is a 350-mile underwater transmission line, which aims to connect the spate of offshore wind farms being developed by New Jersey and other states.
22 Feb 2011

DEP: Union Beach turbine work started prematurely

The notice of violation reflects how the BRSA has given little thought to the concerns of its neighbors and of environmentalists as it has pursued the project, Lieberman said. "We're very, very proud of the DEP," Lieberman said. "BRSA is just trying to bully its way through this."
12 Feb 2011

Wind turbine fight escalates, BRSA files suit

The Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority (BRSA) in Union Beach has filed a complaint against the borough's Planning Board for unanimously voting down an application to realign the BRSA's property line to provide more room for the arc of the turbine's 118-foot-long blades.
2 Feb 2011

Wind turbine dispute goes to court

The BRSA lawsuit demands that the Planning Board's action requiring the BRSA to file for a "D" variance and denying subdivision and consolidation of the adjoining property are set aside and be granted an approval of the proposed subdivision and consolidation. The suit also demands that the planning board be restrained from any further action to delay or interfere with the construction and operation of the project.
30 Jan 2011

Wayne turbine won't be built, for now

A stay signed by State Appellate Court Judge Joseph Yannotti prevents carwash owner Robert Burke from installing the 49-foot structure at his Hamburg Turnpike business pending the outcome of an appeal filed by the township of a prior court approval of Burke's wind turbine application. The township received notice on Monday that the stay was granted.
5 Jan 2011

Horseless pier set to harness wind

Anthony Catanoso, who runs the Boardwalk landmark with his three brothers and fellow investors in Atlantic Pier Amusements, hopes to erect the first of three 12-story-high wind turbines by summer. A bill that would overturn a long-standing prohibition on constructing energy-generating stations within 500 feet of the tidal water line was sent to Gov. Christie for his signature last month.
2 Jan 2011

Truth is blowing in the wind

On page 5 of a GE Energy document titled "Wind Energy Basics", it states, "Siting wind turbines and assessing the feasibility of a proposed location must consider factors such as Community Acceptance and compatibility with adjacent land uses. ... Hence, megawatt-scale wind turbines cannot be located in densely populated areas." In Union Beach a "densely populated area" begins 1,080 feet from the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority's site for their proposed 380-foot-tall GE industrial wind turbine.
22 Dec 2010
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