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Zoning changes nix wind farms

The new ordinance, if passed, gives approval to all projects providing residential power and requires a minor site plan review for business and commercial applications. Commercial wind farms will not be permitted in any district under the new ordinance.
11 Jan 2016

Energy projects, where do they go?

Too often we’ve seen towns taken by surprise by developers seeking to locate alternative energy projects and, without the guidance of ordinances that address them, those plans can run counter to the wishes of a community. The public hearing process is a chance for voters to offer input on the future of alternative energy systems in town ahead of voting in March. We hope residents will take notice of this opportunity and use it wisely.
6 Jan 2016

Southern New England states work together to request renewable energy proposals

Companies designing projects to bring clean electricity to southern New England say they’re grateful Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island have finally made a request for proposals to carry that power to the region. But meeting the region’s longer-term goal of expanding the use of renewable electricity from wind, solar and hydroelectricity will require more transmission capacity than the states requested, said Edward Krapels, the CEO of Anbaric Transmission, which is proposing one project in Maine and another Vermont.
24 Nov 2015

Suit looks to block Northern Pass

The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, which has led opposition to the hydroelectric transmission project for the past five years, filed a lawsuit on Thursday in Coos County Superior Court, seeking to block the path of the line through a conservation area the society owns in Clarksville, near the Canadian border.
20 Nov 2015

ISO New England eyes solar, wind, gas in low growth, energy efficiency focused next decade

Washington -- Aggressive energy efficiency efforts and new distributed generation capacity -- virtually all of it in the form of solar projects -- are combining to put a lid on growth in peak demand and electric use in New England, ISO New England said in its newly released 2015 Regional System Plan.
9 Nov 2015

Groton Wind meets all state permitting requirements

“There is a detailed record chronicling multiple issues owing to Iberdrola’s failure to build the project according to its state (certificate of operation),” Wind Watch said in a statement Thursday. “After a lengthy enforcement proceeding, the Site Evaluation Committee accepted a settlement agreement ...The settlement does not erase the fact that Iberdrola evidently violated the terms of its (certificate), and in doing so abused the public trust.”
23 Oct 2015

Northern Pass files for approval with state regulators

The application includes a new project cost estimate of $1.6 billion, up from $1.4 billion, due mostly to the project changes announced in August. Those changes included burying an additional 52 miles of the 190-mile transmission line, which increased the cost, and reducing its size from 1,200 megawatts to 1,090 megawatts, resulting in some offsetting savings.
20 Oct 2015

Network finds legislative sponsor for local land rights amendment

The network was formed as wind power companies from Spain and Portugal propose new wind power plants near Newfound Lake. Communities in the area, which voted overwhelmingly to oppose such projects, found that they had little or no control under state law, as the authority over large energy projects belonged to the state’s Site Evaluation Committee.
9 Oct 2015

Antrim wind farm to get a second shot at state approval

A sub-committee of the state’s SEC has voted 5 to 2 that this was enough of a change to get a second-hearing. However, in its order, the committee writes “whether the differences in the proposals are material enough to require a different result …cannot be determined” until they see the company’s application.
30 Sep 2015

24-mile right of way leaves future uncertain

 “It's a 24-mile right of way through Bayroot land, from the Dixville-Stewarstown line, down to Dummer,” said Will Abbott, vice president for policy and land management at the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. “The lease agreement between Bayroot and Northern Pass appears to bind the two parties together for a joint venture of developing a new wind project up in Northern Coos County on other land owned by Bayroot.”
30 Aug 2015

Antrim wind project's seven-year slog continues

Regulators decided Tuesday to put that decision off until late July. Only after that is when the state or the town will begin ask the big question, is New Hampshire still willing to build wind farms of this size? For instance, there’s still theoretically a big project on the horizon for the Newfound Lake Area.
9 Jul 2015
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