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Wind farm developer asks state to take over case

Ed Dekker, member of the New Ipswich Planning Board, said Timbertop's move to bypass the towns is intended to thwart the will of the people who voted overwhelmingly to pass tight restrictions on wind farms in their communities. "The will of the people of New Ipswich was made clear by their votes, and it's inappropriate for the state to override the people of New Ipswich," Dekker said.
3 Jan 2013

Wind plan bypasses towns

Jurisdiction over a proposed five-turbine wind project may bypass the towns' review process and come under the state's purview. Timbertop Wind, a subsidiary of Austin, Texas-based Pioneer Green, submitted its plans to the N.H. Site Evaluation Committee on Dec. 21, asking the state's review board for large-scale energy projects to take the case.
31 Dec 2012

Decision date set for wind farm

A state government committee will decide in February the future of a proposed wind farm in the northwest part of town. Antrim Wind Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Portsmouth-based Eolian Renewable Energy wants to build 10 wind turbines on private land near Tuttle Hill and Willard Mountain.
26 Dec 2012

Legislator wants halt to more wind farms

"When they came up with the energy plan, they were dealing mostly with natural gas and other forms of alternative energy," he said. "It's time now to re-evaluate where we are going and come up with a comprehensive energy plan." The bill is in response to proposed wind-power projects in the Newfound Lake/Mount Cardigan area.
20 Dec 2012

Third wind farm proposed in Newfound Lake region

Potential harms to tourism and the environment outweigh energy benefits because wind farms are not very efficient, said Tuthill, of New Hampshire Wind Watch. The turbines, which are more than 400 feet tall, can cause a decline in property values and may deter tourists who come to the region for its natural beauty, she said.
19 Dec 2012

NH's Newfound Lake Region Association advocates for State-wide moratorium on commercial wind farm projects

First and most urgently, NLRA will reach out to our political representatives to advocate for a State-wide moratorium on commercial wind farm projects until the 2002 NH Energy Plan has been updated and the Site Evaluation Committee review and approval criteria revised. The Senate filing deadline is December 21, 2012.
17 Dec 2012

How much of our precious assets will be sacrificed in green's name

The Newfound Lake area is a perfect example of green energy gone amuck. All it takes is a foreign, for- profit company and opportunistic landowners. All other N.H. citizens, from business and homeowners in a 100-mile radius suffer the consequences. Every town, ridge, and lake in N.H. could be next. This is a horrifying example of a lack of regulations and a state that needs a comprehensive energy plan.
14 Dec 2012

Efficiency cutting New England power use, costs

Nationally, demand for electricity is leveling off as residential power use falls, experts say, reversing a long upward trend. More efficient lighting and electric devices are partly credited for the change. New homes also are being built to use less electricity and government subsidies older homes use less power. Rourke said the weak economy also has contributed to reduced electricity use.
13 Dec 2012
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