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PSU study: Residents more responsive to wind farms if involved in process

The students interviewed seven people from the area, several of them professionals, each of whom came from a different perspective - one had strong business interests, one was a watershed management specialist, etc. The residents expressed worries about the potential effect of 40-story towers and turbines on the area's economy.
18 Jul 2013

Forest Society’s priorities are blowin’ in the wind

The Forest Society has raised and spent millions buying land in hopes of killing the Northern Pass project, claiming transmission lines would damage New Hampshire’s landscape. ...Naturally, one would think the Forest Society would be equally opposed to 400-foot-tall, night-lit wind turbines, yet it played a significant role in paving the way for Groton Wind to be built. ...The Forest Society’s latest money-raising campaign is called “Trees Not Towers,” yet it clearly doesn’t apply to 400-foot wind towers. It is a stunning display of dishonesty and hypocrisy.
14 Jun 2013

Welcome to the Northern Pass fight, Concord - and good luck

New Hampshire is merely a conduit for a private, for-profit organization. We sacrifice our land, property values, beautiful scenery, tourism industry, jobs, second homeowners with the money they bring, possibly our health - and PSNH, its officers and stockholders make more money. Isn't it questionable why so many people are supporting something that is so bad for New Hampshire?
15 Apr 2013

NH Senate rejects energy project moratorium

Lori Lerner and her husband purchased a second home on Newfound Lake more than a decade ago and loved the area so much that they moved in for good. Now, she worries the construction of wind turbines on the ridges above the lake might stop others from following in their footsteps. "Who wants to invest their hard-earned money in an area that's being over taken by these monstrosities?"
28 Mar 2013

The Northern Pass | 'My roots are deeper than your pockets'

Strangers' money has drawn a line across the land, sowing discord. It has divided the Placey family. They no longer talk to those who sold out. "We pleaded with them; we asked them not to sell," Lynne says. But they wouldn't listen; they wanted the money. Her sister-in-law is distraught. She was close to her nieces; she can't believe that they would do this. This division is repeated all over town, straining the North Country ethic of looking out for your neighbor.
1 Mar 2013

Get involved now or hold your peace on wind farms scarring N.H.

A moratorium on Big Wind Farms in New Hampshire, makes absolute sense. I applaud Representative Harold "Skip" Reilly (R-Grafton) for his forward thinking on this matter. Reilly has proposed legislation calling for a moratorium on all wind power construction until the state updates its energy plan. (HB-580 and HB-484). Get back to basics and start asking important questions.
15 Feb 2013

Antrim's Tuttle Hill and the winds of change

Is wind part of the answer to our need to diversify our energy sources? Yes. Is the Tuttle-Willard ridge the best place for wind power? No. There's too much at stake. Our insatiable appetite for energy shouldn't be a tradeoff for healthy forests and wildlife habitat. As the SEC discusses Antrim Wind Energy's plan, the wind will be blowing on Tuttle Hill. Let's hope the wind keeps blowing through that spruce.
29 Jan 2013

How much of our precious assets will be sacrificed in green's name

The Newfound Lake area is a perfect example of green energy gone amuck. All it takes is a foreign, for- profit company and opportunistic landowners. All other N.H. citizens, from business and homeowners in a 100-mile radius suffer the consequences. Every town, ridge, and lake in N.H. could be next. This is a horrifying example of a lack of regulations and a state that needs a comprehensive energy plan.
14 Dec 2012

Plymouth fire chief opposes wind park

Houses at Eagle's Nest on Plymouth's Tenney Mountain would be the first residential area to be affected by wildfires from the park, said Fire Chief Casino Clogston. Clogston said not only was it his responsibility to protect lives and property but also to ensure that his responders can do their jobs as safely as possible.
28 Sep 2010

Effects of turbines in question; Company files plan for wind farm

Within six months of the turbines being set in motion, Marshall suffered a stroke and a heart attack, he said. He felt stressed all the time and couldn't sleep. The culprit, he thinks, was the low-frequency noise emitted from the spinning turbines. "We were told that none of this would happen," Marshall said. "These things were supposed to be whisper quiet." Marshall's experience is troublesome to Lawrence Mazur, a Rumney resident watching closely as the neighboring town of Groton moves toward hosting a 24-turbine, 48-megawatt wind farm along the Tenney and Fletcher mountain ridges overlooking the Baker River Valley.
12 Apr 2010

Like Chinese water torture

There has been much discussion lately about industrial wind power on Vermont's mountains. The Lempster, N.H., turbine site is often used as an example of a typical wind tower site, especially after Green Mountain Power's Dec. 5 bus trip for Lowell residents. I am a Vermont resident, but I have an insider's perspective of the Lempster site. I own two pieces of land on Lempster Mountain, one of which has been in my family for over 70 years.
20 Jan 2010

Wind turbine variance decision on hold

After holding a public hearing for the first proposed wind turbine in Gilford, and without an engineer to answer specific technical questions, the Zoning Board of Adjustment decided to resume the hearing at a later date. ...The ZBA asked that the Lavallieres hire an independent engineer to test the property and the different sites, one of which is in need of a variance and another on the shoreline, though the shoreline is not a desired location for the applicants, who fear the turbine could cause an "eyesore."
7 Oct 2009
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