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NPPD pressed to expand wind power

A coalition of Nebraska environmental and farm groups called on the state's largest utility to develop more wind power to address future energy needs instead of relying on coal-fired power plants. ...Under state law, Becker said, Nebraska public utilities are required to utilize the "least-cost option" for generating electricity, and that option is coal.
27 Apr 2012

Wind-turbine threat to birds

The advocacy group contends that several species of birds, including golden eagles, whooping cranes and greater sage-grouse, will be endangered by "poorly planned and sited wind projects," according to Kelly Fuller, a conservancy spokeswoman. But Nebraska authorities involved with approving wind farms in the state have shown that they are already fully aware of the potential problem.
5 Jan 2011

Landowners: Education is key to wind power benefits

"Do we want to look at these windmills the rest of our lives and our children's lives?" "That can be seriously tying up your property for a long time," Vavra said. The most important missions are to protect landowners from unscrupulous developers and make sure that everyone understands that wind energy benefits come with issues.
13 Nov 2010

NPPD head: Wind not enough to sustain state’s energy needs

If the Nebraska landscape was covered with wind farms, the energy produced would not sustain the state’s energy needs, according to Ron Asche during a presentation Tuesday ...Asche, NPPD president and CEO, highlighted reasons wind energy may provide supplemental support, but it will never become a primary source for generation.
11 Aug 2010

New wind law brings fast action

Hours after it took effect, a new state wind-energy law inspired a proposal for a half-billion-dollar wind farm near Elgin, Neb. Invenergy, based in Chicago and the nation's largest private wind developer, filed an application Thursday morning to build a $448-million wind farm between Elgin and Petersburg in northeast Nebraska.
15 Jul 2010

Grand Island alters new wind regulations

The Grand Island City Council liked the idea of going green with new wind energy regulations, but only if going green isn't too ugly, too noisy, too unsafe or too close to the house. The council frowned on putting the micro and small wind turbines on standard-sized housing lots.
6 Jun 2010

Wind debate back before council

If you have thoughts for or against wind turbines being allowed in Grand Island neighborhoods, now is the time to speak up. "I'm not sure it will go over in the neighborhoods," said Grand Island City Councilman Mitch Nickerson at a council meeting two weeks ago. He and Councilman John Gericke sought a delay on a final vote on new wind energy regulations to give time for residents to comment on the new policy.
22 May 2010

Company decides against expanding to Grand Island

It has been somewhat of a secret in Grand Island for sometime. And that secret involved the possibility of about 300 new jobs coming to that area. But Friday we learned those jobs will not be coming. It was called Project Amada. About 2 years ago a wind energy company expressed interest in expanding in Grand Island. Then 6 months ago, the area's economic development corporation learned the company decided not to expand.
15 Jan 2010

County considering wind energy system regulations

Two 197-foot tall ‘meteorological towers' erected recently on the Nebraska-South Dakota border northwest of Chadron could be the harbingers of a wind energy boom for Dawes County, but one landowner involved with the development says not to expect to see big turbines going up anytime soon. "One thing they told us-'If you are in a hurry, forget it," Dawes County Zoning Commissioner Ed Perrine said at a zoning meeting last week. "It can take up to five years after they set a met tower (before a wind generating installation is complete)."
11 Nov 2009

Economic rebound, federal standards key to Nebraska's wind energy future

The future of an 80-megawatt wind farm near Broken Bow depends on the Nebraska Public Power District's ability to find buyers for half of the energy it would generate. NPPD Renewable Energy Development Manager David Rich of Columbus said at Monday's "Wind Power 2009" conference in Kearney that NPPD-approved projects at Petersburg, north of Albion in Boone County, and Broken Bow in central Nebraska would generate a total of 160 megawatts of electricity.
10 Nov 2009

Ag groups: Don't blow this chance

Two agriculture heavyweights, the Nebraska Farm Bureau and Nebraska Cattlemen, are joining the fight for increased development of wind energy in the state. ...State Sen. Chris Langemeier of Schuyler, said one key issue is who would pay the estimated $20 billion needed to build the transmission lines needed to export wind power to major population centers in the East and South. Right now, Langemeier said, Nebraska ratepayers would be on the hook for building those lines "for someone else to profit from wind energy".
13 Oct 2009

No consensus reached on wind energy

City council members want to take some time to think about allowing wind energy in the community. Following a 20-minute public hearing on June 2 about zoning and subdivision regulations which included wind energy systems, the council decided to introduce the proposal and amend language at the June 16 meeting.
13 Jun 2009

Senators strike compromise on wind energy

The bill would allow Nebraska's public power districts to waive their eminent-domain power when signing a contract with a private, wind-farm developer, which proponents say was a roadblock to some wind projects. It also allows the state's public power districts to build wind farms larger than 80 megawatts to take advantage of economies of scale.
20 May 2009

NPPD seeks proposals for small-scale renewable energy projects

Entrepreneurs who dream of building small-scale wind, solar, methane or other renewable energy projects could sell their power to the Nebraska Public Power District. The Columbus-based utility is interested in receiving request for proposals for projects of fewer than 10 megawatts that meet Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act guidelines.
19 May 2009

NPPD representative discusses wind energy challenges

Nebraska Public Power District's goal of providing 10 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2010 will be met in part through wind generated power, a company representative said Monday. But, in a presentation to the Chadron City Council, account representative Terry Rajwich emphasized the challenges involved in creating and using electricity from wind, and concluded that customers can find more savings by conserving power than by erecting small scale wind generators.
12 May 2009
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