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Wind Turbine Scale

News_0506_windmill_thumb Mike Yagelski, an ironworker from Livingston, Mont., is dwarfed by the huge rotor that he helped set Thursday, Oct. 6, 2005, high atop a huge wind-powered generator near Judith Gap, Mont.
6 Oct 2005

Wind Turbines are Part of the Solution but a Small Part

And, while I agree with Mr. Shutkin that wind power, as a source of clean and renewable energy, should and will play a role in our future energy portfolio, its role will necessarily be small because of its fundamental limitation as an energy source: wind power is ‘intermittent’, i.e. it provides energy only when the wind blows, and, as such, wind power is a source of supplemental, not ‘base load’ energy.
1 Nov 2004
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