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US Wildlife looking at impact of accidental kills by wind farms

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is developing an environmental impact statement to evaluate the potential of issuing incidental take permits for protected bird and bat species if regional wind industry development grows. According to a news release by the service, the states within the plan are Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. It is called the Midwest Wind Energy Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan.
20 Jun 2015

Mo. bill would prevent private transmission lines from using eminent domain

The legislation in the Missouri House of Representatives, H.B. 1027, would prevent any electric transmission project from using the power of eminent domain if, among other provisions, the line "is constructed entirely with private funds and users of the line pay for the transmission line."  The sponsor of the legislation, state Rep. Jim Hansen, said he came up with the idea after residents expressed fears of their private property being seized. ...The staff of the PSC last year recommended that the commission reject approval of the line because Clean Line had allegedly not proved that the line was needed.
22 Apr 2015

Despite demand for wind energy, Grain Belt Express transmission line faces uncertainty in Missouri

Developers of a cross-state transmission line say there is overwhelming demand for capacity to transmit wind power, but opposition still threatens to undermine the project. ...“There’s a saying here in the country that their name is mud, and Clean Line’s name is very dirty in all the impacted counties,” said Jennifer Gatrel, a Caldwell County landowner who heads a group dubbed Block Grain Belt Express Missouri. Disclosures the company submitted to the PSC last week say it had only reached easement agreements with the owners of 45 tracts of property, though it passes through hundreds in the state.
19 Apr 2015

So long to wind project

For our part, we always felt uneasy about this proposal but joined with others in wanting to defer to the experts. The problem, however, is government oversight of wind farm developers is limited, meaning expert opinions carry less weight. In the end, Element Power withdrew the project rather than try to scale back operations to meet conservationists’ compelling arguments. 
22 Sep 2014

Turbines due close review

The wind farm could bring economic vitality to the county ...Local landowners would profit from having a turbine on their property. These gains, however, must be balanced against potential losses. Squaw Creek and hunting bring thousands of visitors to the county each year. Forfeiting those benefits could end up costing more than the wind farm would generate.
10 Aug 2014

Commissioners speak out on Line

Last week, several Randolph County landowners told the Moberly Monitor-Index how they felt about Grain Belt Express Clean Line ...The week before, several Monroe County landowners talked about not wanting Clean Line towers on their property, as well. Monroe County commissioners are supporting the wishes of farmers in their county.  
30 Apr 2014
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