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So long to wind project

For our part, we always felt uneasy about this proposal but joined with others in wanting to defer to the experts. The problem, however, is government oversight of wind farm developers is limited, meaning expert opinions carry less weight. In the end, Element Power withdrew the project rather than try to scale back operations to meet conservationists’ compelling arguments. 
22 Sep 2014

Turbines due close review

The wind farm could bring economic vitality to the county ...Local landowners would profit from having a turbine on their property. These gains, however, must be balanced against potential losses. Squaw Creek and hunting bring thousands of visitors to the county each year. Forfeiting those benefits could end up costing more than the wind farm would generate.
10 Aug 2014

Commissioners speak out on Line

Last week, several Randolph County landowners told the Moberly Monitor-Index how they felt about Grain Belt Express Clean Line ...The week before, several Monroe County landowners talked about not wanting Clean Line towers on their property, as well. Monroe County commissioners are supporting the wishes of farmers in their county.  
30 Apr 2014

Clean Line Energy project loses support

As it had indicated last week, the Marion County Commission on Monday approved sending a letter to the Missouri Public Service Commission and officials with Clean Line LLC that details the commissioners’ withdrawal of support for the high-voltage power line project.
26 Mar 2014

Wind power line proposal Irks some midwest farmers

"We have sacrificed everything for this land," said Jennifer Gatrel, 33, who, along with her husband, Jeff, farms a 430-acre cattle ranch in western Missouri. "We don't go on vacation. We don't go out to eat. Everything we have is tied up in this land. The idea that somebody can come in and take it from us is appalling and it goes against what it is to be an American."
16 Mar 2014

Wind energy transmission line OK'd; Electricity generated in western Kansas will be sold in eastern states

The approval depends on the developer, Clean Line Energy, getting approvals from the Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana state utility commissions before starting construction in Kansas. The order also specified that construction must begin within five years, and that Clean Line can’t recover any of its costs from Kansas ratepayers.
7 Nov 2013

Lesser prairie chickens down by half in one year

In 2012, there were an estimated 34,000 lesser prairie chickens across their grassland range, which includes portions of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. Kansas is home to about half the country's lesser prairie chicken population. This year's survey showed the bird's population has declined by about half, down to an estimated 17,600 total in the five states.
13 Oct 2013

Missouri court upholds PSC's renewable energy rules

The law says the use of renewable energy cannot cause electric rates to rise more than 1 percent from what they would be otherwise. The rate cap provision in the rules was at the heart of the legal battle. The PSC rules require utilities to use a 10-year average when calculating the 1 percent rate impact to allow for higher upfront costs.
21 Nov 2012

Wind farm fight continues in court

After a year of dispute, the Dekalb County Assessor and Wind Capital Group have taken their arguments to the courtroom. The dispute is over assessed tax rates on 97 wind turbines in the Lost Creek Wind Energy project in Dekalb County.
1 Nov 2012
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