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Court says solar panels must go

The appellate court found the association’s restrictive covenants were for the legitimate purpose of “ensuring preservation and enhancement of property values, desirability, and attractiveness of the subdivision are met.” The judges identified two neighbors who are having difficulties attributed to the solar panels and found reasonable evidence that at least one homeowner sustained a negative property value impact.
20 Apr 2016

Commissioners approve wind energy moratorium

The Clinton County Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday, February 2, to sign off on an amendment to the county’s zoning ordinances placing a moratorium on all wind energy applications until the planning and zoning board can review – and potentially amend – their wind energy regulations.
4 Feb 2016

Board approves moratorium on wind applications

The moratorium approved Friday comes in the form of an amendment to the county’s zoning order. At the end of the meeting, despite a vague attempt by the board to clarify, it was unclear if the planning and zoning board’s vote meant the moratorium amendment would be enacted immediately or if there was more to the process.
28 Jan 2016

Power line regulations kink wind power growth

“In some of the rural communities, we see this as an invasion,” Gatrel says. “Many of our members are military veterans, and we are planning this out like a war.” We’re not talking about an armed standoff here, but Gatrel helped organize a statewide campaign to stop the Missouri Public Service Commission from giving Clean Line powers of eminent domain to compel land owners to go along.
20 Jan 2016

Energy providers deliver pitch to Hannibal BPW

No offers were made when representatives of Clean Line Energy Partners met with the Hannibal Board of Public Works Board on Tuesday afternoon. And while no decisions had to be made by the BPW Board, it was certainly given plenty to digest by both Clean Line and its opponents.
20 Jan 2016

Big month is ahead for local wind turbine issues

The Clinton County Planning and Zoning Commission will be hosting a public hearing on Friday, January 22, to hear opinions before deciding on a proposed moratorium of any permit applications pertaining to wind energy conversion systems. The moratorium, if approved, could run until December of this year in an effort to give the commission time to rework wind energy regulations in Clinton County.
14 Jan 2016

Touted as clean power source of the future, renewable energy stymied by transmission obstacles

Although Clean Line pledged to make a portion of its power available to Missouri, state regulators determined it was not needed to meet local demand nor the state's renewable energy requirements. Regulators also cited the burden on Missouri landowners, noting that most of the 7,200 comments it received were opposed to the project. ..."I think (wind energy) is fine. But "it doesn't make sense to me to have to transport it halfway across the United States. We're smarter than that."
22 Dec 2015

Protect landowners from the Rock Island Clean Line

In order to ensure your project moves forward — even without state approval — you have broadened your approach to include a federal legislative effort. Senate Energy Bill 1017 would grant eminent domain authority despite our state laws. Please understand the depth of staunch and unbending opposition we have to this concept. We are lobbying our Congressional and Senate delegation to prevent you from ever having that tool.
18 Dec 2015

Wind project generates concerns about birds

Tradewind Energy based in Lenexa, Kansas, is planning to build around 150 wind turbines that are about 500 feet tall as part of the Rock Creek Wind Project covering 30,000 acres of land. The turbines will be placed between the city of Tarkio in the center of the county and Tarkio Prairie Conservation Area in the eastern part of the county.
14 Nov 2015
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